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Who will fit a new ceiling?

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MrsMuddle Thu 29-Oct-09 16:21:53

Two questions really. We have a bathroom with a false ceiling. It's an old house so the room are very tall. It transpires that we have a damaged roof, and water has been coming in for a while. It eventually came through this false ceiling, which is when we noticed the damaged roof.

The roof is getting repaired next week. We've not removed the ceiling yet to see how much damage there is underneath.

My first question is, do we have to get a dehumidifier or something to dry whatever's up there, or is the fact that it's no longer leaking enough?

Second question is, who would I contact to get a new ceiling put up? I'd like plaster with recessed lights. I'm not sure if I need a builder, joiner or plasterer. Or a combination.


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