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Anyone have perspex sheets instead of tiles in the kitchen? Please tell me how you find it...

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Leeka Wed 28-Oct-09 15:25:55

We are getting quotes atm for a new kitchen, and I have seen perspex sheets used instead of tiles, either coloured sheets or with paint or wallpaper behind clear sheets. When I suggested it to dp (who will be fitting the kitchen), he wasn't sure about how the joins would look.

Can anyone who has got this in their kitchen tell me how it works:
Do you have several sheets joined, and if so what are the fixings like?
Do you have sealer visible around the edges and fixings?
Do you like it and find it easy to clean?
Does it look classy or naff?! smile

Thanks for your help!

kcartyparty Wed 28-Oct-09 22:48:39

Not really heard of this one before, but does sound interesting.

I have fitted a couple of kitchens myself.

Perspex with paper behind it .. Ok if you seal it properly.

Coloured perspex - Expensive.

Go down to your local DIY. Grab a sheet of perspex and take it to the wallpaper section. Look at the effect.

Note: perspex is not easy to work with at all. It can crack/chip when being cut and if you scratch it!sad

I used wood panelling behind my sink. Gave a country look with a modern twist. And not that costly

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