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Burpham or Queen Elizabeth park - Guildford

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magicalmollie Mon 26-Oct-09 06:56:20

Please can someone give me some advice. I'm looking for a house to buy near guildford. And have found a nice one in Queen Elizabeth Park in stoughton, and one in Burpham. The one in burpham is much smaller but about the same price as the other one, which is much bigger. Can anyone advice me on which place is better to live. I looked up Stoughton infant school on Ofsted and it has good reviews, but the junior school doesn't and I know Burpham has great schools, this house is nearish box grove, my daughter is only 2 1/2 at the moment, but schools are so important. Also are there any playgroups and good nurserys in stoughton, and I can't seem to find a playground, I know there is a huge one in burpham. So hard to decide do I go for a much much smaller house in Burpham where I know there is good schools, and playgroups, or a much larger house in Queen ELizabeth Park, Stoughton where I don't know what it is like?
Does anyone live in the Queen Elizabeth Park?
PLEASE PLEASE HELP, I am so stressed, been looking forever, i need to move out of my folks house where we have been staying for ages since selling ours.
Thank you love Mollie sad

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