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What type of uPVC windows are most convenient to use? (for Victorian terrace)

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toja555 Fri 23-Oct-09 10:04:30

Hi. I can’t bear the cold and draughts coming from my single glazed 70s windows anymore. Thinking to get uPVC windows for the front of the house, i.e. living room and master bedroom. The majority of houses in my area have uPVC windows divided in two equal sections (top and bottom) with one of sections opening outwards with the handle at the bottom). This kind of resembles sash windows but I was never sure if it is convenient to use? Perhaps you have such windows and could recommend the best looking style with the most convenient opening?

Thank you for any advice! (this is not something to ask double glazing companies...)

GrendelsMum Fri 23-Oct-09 10:49:16

Whatever you go for, make sure that they don't have what we had in my old house, and which really was dangerous for anyone, let alone children. The windows opened outwards and didn't have any way at all of restricting how far they opened - if you pushed (or pulled from the outside), they opened further, so if a child was on the window sill and leaned against the window, the window would simply open and they would fall out. Ugh. It really made me wonder how anyone could have designed them.

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