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Quick straw poll needed - what would you do??

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highfive Mon 19-Oct-09 18:24:49

We are moving house in 2 weeks' time. I have received quotes from different companies. My preferred company (a local firm with great reputation) can't do the move date. This means I am left with 2 quotes from companies that I know nothing about. Company 1 quoted me £780 inclusive of VAT. Company 2 quoted me £500 all in. Company 1 has a nice website, but a dodgy van when they arrived to do the quote. Clearly a family business. Company 2 had a nice little van but says he is a small firm (no website, no VAT charged etc etc) and is as cheap as chips relatively, which he is! I'm not entirely happy with either of them but both say they can provide references and both say they have insurance.... would you go with a cheap removals firm or would you pay more to go with a "name"? Should I keep looking?? Help!

HerHonesty Mon 19-Oct-09 19:41:12

what do you mean by dodgy van? as long as they have insurance and are members of the trade body then both should be ok.

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