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'stick down' plastic sheets to protect carpet during DIY?

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stellamel Mon 19-Oct-09 14:15:39

Got a plasterer coming to skim our loft room tmrw. Now I stupidly assumed he'd have the necessary stuff to cover over areas that need protecting, but he said it's up to us and recommended that we can buy a 'cut-to-size-stick-down' plastic sheet from B&Q to cover the stairs.

Now I've looked on B&Qs website and can't see anything that's stick down, they do have plastic sheets on a roll etc but nothing like the plasterer described.

I have about a 5 min time slot on way home to pick up DD to pop in B&Q and would like to be able to run in and buy what I need without having to look around.

So does anyone have any idea what plasterer is on about or any other suggestion for stairs that won't be a H&S issue!


Fizzylemonade Mon 19-Oct-09 21:24:11

B&Q don't stock it as far as I am aware, you can buy it on-line but that is clearly of no use to you now sad

When we had our rooms plastered the plasterer had just big heavy duty dust sheet things and covered all our carpet which was fine underneath.

If I had my time again I would buy the stick down protector and stick it up the skirting boards too as they get splatted lots.

Prepare yourself for lots of cleaning, usually the bit of ceiling where they catch it with pinky plaster and skirting.

The carpet should just need a hoover. Plasterers can be messy or relatively clean, I've experienced both.

LIZS Mon 19-Oct-09 21:28:13

Our removal men used some and we've still got glue marks on the wooden floor which attract dirt. Maybe try a wholesaler or builder's merchant like Jewson's ?

TwinkleToes76 Mon 19-Oct-09 21:48:43

I bought some stick-down carpet protector sheets from Homebase recently...

notasausage Thu 22-Oct-09 13:43:25

Screwfix sell it if you have one near. It's blue and not very wide - about 18-20 inch from memory.

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