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Anyone live in Newtown, Bradford On Avon?

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tigerbear Fri 16-Oct-09 00:23:42

If so, what is it like? How far to Bath by train? Are there decent shops, etc? DH and I are thinking of moving there from central London and have seen some nice places online, but not actually been there yet. Is it out in the sticks, and will we need a car?

littlerach Fri 16-Oct-09 20:35:15

I don't live there but knoiw BoA reasonably well.

Not far from Bath, guess 15 mins ish by train.

Think it is 8 miles.

BoA is nice, little shops rather than high st chains. Quite a few Bunting style shops, also a very nice little ethical supermarket, some cafe/bstro places, green grocers, stationers, bakers. Small library. Weekly or fortnightly market. Swimming pool. Canal. Number of pubs which do food. Secondary school is ok, not sure about primarie sbut would have thought it is nice.

There's a sainsburys.

Not sure re car; the actual town area is small, and there is a train station and buses. It is quite out in the sticks smile but there is a fair bit to do.

tigerbear Sun 18-Oct-09 21:03:01

Thanks littlerach. Am going to book some viewings there! Very excited!

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