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So, our offer's been accepted.... what the heck do we do next?

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prettyclueless Thu 15-Oct-09 19:28:01

We have FINALLY made the decision to stop moving, stop renting and settle in one place, a lovely home all of our own....

..found our ideal house, made an offer, they accepted, and now we're not sure really what to do next.

We do have a mortgage offer in principle, so we're getting that sorted in the meantime- all going smoothly thus far. However, I know we need a solicitor asap and not sure how to spot a good one from a bad, what level of fees are reasonable for them to charge etc....

It's a mine field and we don't want to do anything to delay proceedings. Fingers crossed we can be in for Christmas (I live in hope anyway).

So, I am sure there are loads of Mnetters out there who have done this thousands of times - any advice for a novice??

MyNameIsInigoMontoya Thu 15-Oct-09 21:46:32

Um, main things I think would be finding a solicitor and giving them all the details (best way is personal recommendation if you can find anyone else who's used a good one); getting the mortgage moving; and arranging a survey if you plan to do that - which can either be combined with the mortgage valuation (talk to the mortgage co - sometimes works out cheaper) or you can sort out your own surveyors.

Also make any arrangements you need to to have the deposit ready when you exchange contracts. Booking removals etc can come a bit later once you have exchanged and got a completion date.

prettyclueless Sat 17-Oct-09 08:51:36


Getting there slowly. Friday was a productive day and we now have options and can confirm the solicitor and surveyor on Monday.

We have had a surveyor recommended and he seems very down the line and also very helpful, but as you say, mortgage co. also offers a similar survey for a similar price. It sounds like we cannot opt for our own over the morgage co though? They have to do at least a basic, which they reckon is £300 just for that.... and we want home owner's survey which is another 450. We'll work it out anyway.

It's the solicitors that is giving me the most headache. Local company, recommended, versus larger company which offers no move- no fee. Not sure we can afford to take the chance and lose up to £2,000 if it all fell through and we still had to pay the fees.

Anyway, best make sure there are no hiccups with finalising the mortgage first. WHy they wouldn't do the official checks before I don't know. Makes me very nervous. Not that we should be, very clean credit record, have big deposit etc..., but I know with these things, the tiniest technicality and they'll turn us away.... I suppose I am being cautious as I just can't quite believe that this house could actually be ours very, very soon- I'm so happy smile

somewhathorrified Sat 17-Oct-09 10:34:00

I use a large local company (solicitors), I did try an online one once (never again!). The advantages of a large local one is that if you need to get info to them fast you can nip down in person, also cos they're large if your caseworker is off they have others who can take over and chase up stuff/answer questions for you.

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