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anyone fitted their own kitchen?

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mommabird Thu 15-Oct-09 18:03:29

have new kitchen ready to fit...we're doing it by ourselves. its a framed kitchen from howdens so carcasses ready built. howdens man said they're easy to fit, but the framed ones can be really tricky. hmm

any tips?!

blithedance Thu 15-Oct-09 18:10:33

How are you doing the worktops that's usually the first bit.

Cannot see how "framed" makes a difference it may just be less tolerant of being out of line.

Oh and remember

Your floors are not level
Your corners are not square
Your walls are not vertical

So make sure the adjustable legs are wound well down at the high point of the floor.

blithedance Thu 15-Oct-09 18:10:52

Sorry meant the WORST bit not the First!

mommabird Thu 15-Oct-09 18:14:22

cool. thanks. we're going to have to get someone in to do the worktops..scribe and something its called?! they come, measure, cut and magically join apparently!

the framed only makes a difference because the frame needs to be stuck onto the outer carcass and the door joined to the frame, so a bit of drilling and hinge fitting involved. [scared]


excited though!

navyeyelasH Sat 17-Oct-09 11:10:54

We did our, it took 5 weekends and that also included fitting a 60cm oak worktop - parnet is very good at DIY.

Got kitchen from Wickes and I out all the units together all by myself - so was v proud. Kitchen is about 3.5m * 5m, so quite small.

purepurple Sat 17-Oct-09 11:22:00

blithedance grin
i had visions of fitting a worktop and then putting the cupboards underneath. 'But how will it stay up?' I was thinking.
My kitchen is from Howdens and a friend of ours fitted it in a day. He is a joiner but it didn't stop him from drilling through an electric cable (twice).

somewhathorrified Sat 17-Oct-09 11:40:42

Me and DH have fitted 2 kitchens from scratch (both from Ikea). It's pretty easy tbh. Took the 2 of us 1 day to build and fit the cupboards (including doors) and about 4 hours to fit worktops. The biggest part of the job for us was prepping the room (floorleveling, plastering, painting etc).

-Create your blank canvass first (paint on new kichen is annoying!)
-draw a line around the room to the height the top of the cupboards go to (makes life easier adjusting legs)
-bolt carcasses together prior to fixing to the wall and readjust legs accordingly.
-triple check levels with spirit level prior to fixing to wall!
-for wall mounted cupboards using suitably heavy duty rawl plugs (check what the wall is e.g. plasterboard needs reenforcing!)

mommabird Sat 17-Oct-09 19:17:21

fab. thanks very much for that. tomorrow is the day!!

eeeeek! grin

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