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Stay put, move to a better place in London or move out altogether???

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MrsSnoops Wed 14-Oct-09 10:54:10

I am so confused!!
I live in E10 at the moment and have 2 DC's. My DS is due to start school next September so I am currently looking at schools for him.
We moved here 2 years ago after coming home from living overseas. We moved here because we could get a house. We have a three bed house and it is fine. However this is not where I want to raise my kids. It is dirty and the schools are not great.
I have looked outside London (hertfordshire and Essex), but I feel like I am suffocating when we go there. I like the mix of people in London and the whole commuter belt thing puts me off.
So, do we stay put where we are, take our chances with the local primaries and move as and when it feels like we really should. But the problem with that is I know we will move one day and just want to get it over and done with TBH.
Or we could move a bit further out, to the London/ Essex borders, but where to go?
Or we move right out of London. My DH needs to commute to Liverpool street.

Basically I want somewhere that is not too small, where the schools are good. They don't have to be fab, just decent, where my kids will be happy.
Our budget is about £300K and we want three beds.

I know this is confused and I don't know myself what I am really looking for, but getting in a bit of a state about it as I just want to settle my family somewhere and put down roots.

Ealingkate Wed 14-Oct-09 13:58:11

We live in Hanwell which is in Borough of Ealing, nice and green and great schools (see Hobbayne and Drayton Manor). You can get a 3 bed for £300k if you don't mind non-Victorian.

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