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Gas boiler plans

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skymoo Tue 13-Oct-09 23:21:24


can anyone recommend a service plan. We have a 2 yr old combi boiler which needs servicing now, but I am thinking of joining something like the British Gas plan where you pay x amount each month which then covers annual service and breakdown.

Comments much appreciated


Quattrocento Tue 13-Oct-09 23:25:36

We've got the system (which is large and complicated) insured with British Gas. We run two systems in parallel - a combi system and a traditional system.

DH is in charge of boiler administration but he thinks the service is really good. They come out when they say they will come out and they give the system an overhaul before they let you join. Is well worth it imo.

skymoo Sun 18-Oct-09 09:01:50

Thanks for that, must look at the website again.

HerHonesty Wed 21-Oct-09 11:48:39

had it for 7 years, not worth the paper it is written on. Got buggered about royally, took them 10 days coming and going unable to fix boiler. then I threw in the towel, called someone out from yellow pages who came out, fixed it, charged me £120 quid, job done in half an hour.

We now put set amount aside each month to cover call outs and have relationship with a local gasman/plumber who knows us and knows our boiler (with an insurance scheme you get a different person every time).

Ladyatron Wed 21-Oct-09 12:01:31

i think it is a rip off. we have someone who comes out once a year and nurses our ancient boiler. he charges £60. it rarely needs more than a good clean, your 2 year old boiler won't need more than a yearly service for a while.

Nicola10 Thu 29-Oct-09 21:36:37

Have you checked your home insurance? I'm with the coop, and a friend has a similar policy with M&S, both of which cover boiler breakdowns (along with plumbing & electrics). You would, however, need a yearly service at your own cost, but costs approx £40/£50. With BG you would be paying 12 x £13.

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