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just found out bricks not right after garage build due to complaint,,,,wt do i do?

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lilasimpson Mon 12-Oct-09 19:24:42

Hi, we have had lots of trouble to build a garage at the back of the garden..we have been told that the bricks did not agree with the ones allowed on planning permission given 2 years go...that may be a detail we forgot but because of that, we may have to do the job again...i am very distraught as it cost us a lot...has anybody been in this situation??? please help

brimfull Mon 12-Oct-09 19:30:03

bloody hell

whoever complained needs to get a life

I would speak to planning officer very very nicely and plead ignorance/stupidity whatever they want to hear

def don't get bolshy as it will only get their back up

I do empathise as we had somuch aggro from petty neighbours when we extended

ConFuschias Mon 12-Oct-09 20:01:25

agree with ggirl - speak nicely to planning.

are the bricks that different?

maybe an alternative to doing the job again would be to render and paint the bricks you have used.

lilasimpson Mon 12-Oct-09 20:33:05

thank you...don't know what to say seems the whole neighborhood got very nosy....i really did not remember this detail...but i am soo worried as we may have to destroy everything! apparently, it was written on the conditions bit in the planning permission certificate we received 2 years ago and i can't find it...i can't believe it

lilasimpson Mon 12-Oct-09 20:35:48

i was thinking of that... apparently, my area is a conservation area(just found out) and everything needs to be similar, which is ridiculous really as it does not seem to be the case!! i don't mind painting the bloody thing as long as they let me!!
apparently, i may not be able to talk to officer as he will not tell me when he comes...

ConFuschias Mon 12-Oct-09 22:02:24

In my experience, the planning officers have a more fluid interpretation of rules than nosey parker busybody neighbours.

So it might not be all bad.

lilasimpson Mon 12-Oct-09 22:13:08

i will call officer tomorrow and beg for sympathy.....

lilasimpson Tue 13-Oct-09 13:19:47

hi, still there..i havent got through to officer but spoke to architect...area not conservation area...but according to certificate, every material should have been approved by writing before using...did not know about that as don't know where it's gone...what should i say to officer?
i can't stand these neighbours who actually were nice before building work!!!
anybody been there???

Pannacotta Tue 13-Oct-09 18:38:07

If you find that do need to change the bricks and that the planning dept issue an enforcement order, one option is to tint the brickwork, rather than pull down the whole thing and start again.

lilasimpson Tue 13-Oct-09 20:27:06

thank you panacotta!! that is very helpful!!! just hope the officer will agree ...

ILikeToQuickstepItTangoIt Tue 13-Oct-09 20:41:29

We're not in a conservation area, but like you the type of brick was stipulated within the planning consent.

I'm sure the officer will agree to the brick tinting or render. They are often willing to find a way around situations.

Don't worry, there is nearly always a way around things smile

FrightsMonth Tue 13-Oct-09 20:46:58

If you go online to your council's website, you may be able to view your Decision Notice online, and read the conditions attached to it.(look for a link to planning applications). Should also be able to check if it's a conservation area.

Pannacotta Tue 13-Oct-09 21:10:55

Even if they do insist re the colour, it will only cost a fraction to tint the bricks rather than re-build.
You can but the brick tint solution yourself and apply it with a brush, or get a decorator to do it for you.
Good luck!

busywheels Tue 13-Oct-09 21:41:02

We had to have the brickwork to our extension tinted thanks to a colourblind builder! We used a company called Building Cosmetic Services and were pleased with the result. Close up you can tell its been tinted, but from any distance its not obvious.

From memory it cost about £1000 for the front and back of the extension to be done. Expensive but definately cheaper than rebuilding.

lilasimpson Wed 14-Oct-09 07:54:26

tx again mums!!! this site is o helpful! i have not slept very well for the past couple of days....being heavily pregnant does not help!! i will hopefully see the inspector today...
will keep u updated....

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