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List of who to inform of new address/telephone number

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HouseHunting Sat 10-Oct-09 08:48:19

We are moving into rented accommodation next month & I want to start compiling a list of who we will will need to notify of our new address & landline number. Is there a list anywhere I can steal to give me a good start & then I can add to it when I remember? Thanks

somewhathorrified Sat 10-Oct-09 11:21:31

Basically you need to inform anyone that you pay money to, who pays (or is going to pay) you money, who holds your money....look at your bank statements and list them down.

There are others too (e.g Dr.s, schools etc) but those aren't quite as important as you can change address afterwards.

toolly Sat 10-Oct-09 11:31:46

council (re council tax)
child benefit, child trust fund, tax credits (if you have them)Inland revenue.
bank, building society, credit cards, store cards, amazon, ebay, paypal etc.
Also set up with the Royal Mail, letter forwarding for at least six months to your new address. (Last year it was around £37 for a year)
School, doctor, hospital, (if any of you are having any out-patient treatment.
Can't think of any more off the top of my head but the mail forwarding will take care of any that you do miss.
Good luck

HouseHunting Sat 10-Oct-09 17:58:43

Thanks Am sure I have seen a list online somewhere....of to google...

toolly Sun 11-Oct-09 12:08:04

Insurance, car, house etc

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