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Has anyone converted their garage into a bedroom-tell me about it pls.

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fakeblondie Fri 09-Oct-09 12:52:28

I am really keen for ttc no 4 and we only have 3 b=bedrooms !
Planning huge extension but due to husbands job insecurity in these times cant do it yet so need to think of cheaper alt.
We have a good sized integral garage so was thinking maybe a nice bedroom and maybe even utility at back (already have utility at back so would need wall separating the 2 ).

Has anyone done this themselves or if not what qa good price.
Have builder coming with first quiote sat .
Cheers x

captainaffray Fri 09-Oct-09 15:28:39

Not had one myself but this is how you would do it.

Check with planning autority you can convert under permitted development rights (pd's). New houses tend to have these rights removed as houses need a certain number of parking space. If pd's are removed, may get planning anyway if they you can get and extra car on driveway, or they will accept the loss of one space.

Construction simple. remove garage door, build up front brick in matching material, with new window, alter the masonry detail over the garage door to suit the window width.

Insulate and floor board (sand cement screed) over the insulation to lift the garage floor the same level as main house. May need to insulate the existing garage walls \ roof, 1st fix extra electrics,plumbing, plaster, decorate

Easy peasy

Cost as a rough stab for single garage

Brickwork £600-750
Window £500
Floor insuation and boarding £250
Insulate walls with pumped cavity insulation(one wall assumed as integral garage) £250

Electrics (lights, power, tv, telephone) circa £500

Extend Pipework and radiator £250-300

Plastboard £600

Skirting and architraves £200-250

Total 3,500 plus 15% profit to builder

£4,000 total plus VAT on refurb

just over £4,500

and screw the builder down on price.

nikos Fri 09-Oct-09 21:16:17

just had a quote for this and it is in the region of 4000. If it is a bedroom for a child, i,e, not a reception room, think about keeping the original garage door on and have a brick wall behind it. Think it helps with resale as not convinced it doesn;t affect future sale of a house. Some people just cannot live without a garage even though they never use it for the car.

elvislives Sun 11-Oct-09 14:17:09

We did ours and left the door. If you don't change the front of the house you don't need planning permission. Of course you do then end up with an internal room.

DH and FIL built a false stud wall about 4ft behind the garage door. They put in a floor and plastered the walls. Think that was it because they never did get round to sorting the heating out. Didn't cost much at all.

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