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Going slowly mad

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rebl Wed 07-Oct-09 22:29:08

Seriously going to loose the plot soon. How can it take 4.5 weeks to fill in the fixtures and fittings form and house information form? Our vendors STILL haven't filled them in. ARGGGGGGGGGGG.

And today our lovely buyers (I think we could actually be friends with them they're so nice!) have turned their 1st turn on the screw. They're relaxed about when we move but if we go passed the end of the year we need to pay the stamp duty that they will have to suddenly pay. Fair enough tbh, I think. Going to call the solicitor again tomorrow and pass this on because if its another screw we can turn on our vendors to get their arses in gear then I guess I should use it. I plan to say that if we don't complete by the end of the year we will expecting them to pay the stamp duty on our house sale.

Why can't I just go round to the house and tell them to fill in the forms NOW!!!! I will even give them a pen and then personally deliver the form to the solicitors.

ouchitreallyhurts Thu 08-Oct-09 09:59:11

I know exactly what you are going through!! we moved in June but the months leading up to it were chaos. the people at the bottom of the chain kept it all soooo slow and we couldtn' even arrange the new schools, removal men etc as we'd not exchanged blah blah.. we only exchanged day before move in end so had to gamble with removal firm (risk losing deposit etc)

is it actually the people or is it the solicitor do you know? it turned out to the bottom of chain solicitor was holding us up and the woman buying our buyers house phoned me to apologise on his behalf one night - she was in tears bless her.

try and stay calm!! it will be worth it but right now its a nightmare I know wink get onto solicitor to push things, you are paying them for a service.

rebl Thu 08-Oct-09 15:49:46

Ouch - Thank you. I'm glad that you got in in the end. Its just painfully slow and not being able to do anything other than a phone call which doesn't seem to achieve anything just makes it all the more frustrating.

Been onto our solicitor again today. He's ringing the vendors solicitor again and going to push AGAIN on getting these dammed forms. Its the people not the solicitor holding it up. I'm so worried they're going to pull out.

I've now pulled my kids out of their not very nice preschool and instead of going to the preschool near the new house I've put them into a lovely private nursery which is mid way between here and the new house. Its expensive but we figured we need to get used to the extra money going out each month so we might as well start with our childrens safety and happiness. Not sure how we're going to afford it after the move but I think we're going to try.

As for the school applications, I'm not really sure what the heck to do. LEA say just hang on until the last minute so that if we have exchanged by the deadline we can use our new address. I told the solicitor today that we MUST have move 2 weeks prior to this date so thats the end of November but at the end of the day this is all noise which means nothing if the vendors fill in the forms.

ouchitreallyhurts Thu 08-Oct-09 17:06:52

with regard to the school - we went along to see the head of the new school and explained it all, they were really reassuring and told us how small the class numbers where this year so not to worry as we'd not lose the children's places. we held off on sending the transfer forms until we'd exchanged (ie. day before we actually moved in our case eek)
I can't believe how people can leave you hanging on like this, if the worst case scenario were true, you'd prefer to know asap rather than all this stress, I'm getting all angry for you now!

captainaffray Fri 09-Oct-09 15:31:48

You need to keep your purchaser sweet, softly softly cathcy monkey. Sounds like they are stalling for time.

rebl Fri 09-Oct-09 19:42:45

captainaffray - We're being really good with our purchaser. They're a lovely couple and the just say by the end of the year, they're not fussed.

Problem is, by the end of the year is like this train coming at 100mph and the people we are buying from aren't aware that the whole chain will collapse if they don't get on with it. Our mortgage offer expires on 7th Jan as well so we have to complete before the end of the year for this as well.

The solicitor rang today to say that he's been onto the vendors solicitor to see whats happening and its they're purchase thats slowing things down. He's going to find out how long the chain is because he's worried they've got us all tied into a chain and our buyers (the bottom of the chain) and us have increasingly tight deadlines that can't cope with a big chain.

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