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Would you commit to new preschool before exchanging contracts?

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rebl Sun 04-Oct-09 15:24:37

Thats it pretty much. My twins are currently in the local preschool which I have to say I've never been 100% happy with but putting up with until we move and they change preschool anyway. Due to a bullying incident towards my disabled son on Friday that wasn't taken seriously by the staff I want to remove them from the preschool now, not wait until after the move. There is space in the preschool they will be going to and it would be possible to move them to the new preschool and put up with the commute until we move. I need some sort of childcare because of work so I need to sort something out. I'm not too keen on moving them locally to another setting just to move them again in January (fingers crossed).

We should have exchanged by now but our vendors are being pita and dragging their heels and 4.5 weeks on all we have is an incomplete draft contract. The promise of an 8 week completion is clearly not happening. I see completion happening end of November or sometime in December at this rate. I obviously have no guarentee that we will exchange and buy this house at the moment because they could pull out at anytime at the moment couldn't they.

Is it tempting fate and too risky to commit to a preschool that if the move was to fall through is totally in the wrong location.

Katymac Sun 04-Oct-09 15:36:37

If you chose the new childcare and the sale falls through the children will get another change

If you chose temp childcare and the sales goes through the children will get another change

So either way the children will get another change, the only way you can be sure you won't have an extra change is to stay where you are (which doesn't seem ideal)

If you chose the new childcare and the sales goes through they have consistent care but if you chose temp childcare and the sale falls through you would still need another change at some point when you buy a different house

That doesn't help much does it....sorry

HerHonesty Sun 04-Oct-09 15:45:59

yes. dont take risks with your children's care for the sake of tempting fate.

nowwearefour Sun 04-Oct-09 20:24:30

what does committing to it mean? definitely change if you have fundamental reasons for wanting to leave the current one anyway, then go for it. you will work out what to do if the move falls through. you will not be tempting fate, just acting in the best interests of your family.

rebl Sun 04-Oct-09 20:49:34

nowwearefour By commiting I mean putting them in there now. I can't put them in and then move them again even if the move falls through. I'd have to cope with the commute until July if the move fell through but you're right, we'd work out a way to do it.

HouseHunting Mon 05-Oct-09 12:28:04

I would put your twins in the new perschool rebl. You will feel happier after the current school did not act appropriately (((hugs))) You could also get the EA to tell the Vendors what you are doing AND why so that they will also know you are committed & hopefully they are too. Good luck

ThingOne Mon 05-Oct-09 12:43:09

Go for the new-house one for all the reasons above.

rebl Mon 05-Oct-09 19:37:19

After a meeting with the preschool today and my sons specialist teacher we have decided to pull them out and go for the new preschool. I'm also reducing my working hours to get them settled there and help with training of the staff so that my ds can get in there easily.

HH I like your thinking. The vendors are driving us potty, 5 weeks into our 8 week completion stipulation and they've STILL not filled in the house questionarre or fixtures and contents form. Honestly watching paint dry would have more action than our house move!

TheHappyCat Mon 05-Oct-09 20:37:19

Hi rebi - I did this when we hadn't even found a house! But we were 100% set on the area we have now moved to. I had one lousy term of a cross-london commute of 45 mins in the car, but she settled in well and is still there happy as larry. Go for it if you are sure of the area I say! And sounds better than where you are right now, for sure.

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