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notanidea Fri 02-Oct-09 22:38:43

We have a long drive way -2 cars are being currently parked and we also have lawn for the same lengh,which if paved could take two more cars.
The plan is to extend in the front so the current garage can be converted to a study and the new extension will be used a garage.

Do you think it is a wise use of space if planning permission is granted? We have a decent sized kitchen/breakfast but I am planning to move the washing machine/dryer to the new garage(could be dictated by the cost of plumbing) so I could have two more extra cubboards in the kitchen.

DH wants to use the garage to put a treadmill with a ventilator and aairconditioning so it remains as a garage if we have to sell it but we can use it as a gym.

What is the best use of garage?

goingtobefree Thu 02-May-13 21:41:40

Can't believe I posted this three years ago, I was searching for treadmill in garage and bumped into this thread.
Let me give an update and ask for adv
The planning permission for the extension i. The front has been rejected( no surprise there)
We are extending our kitchen and having a utility in the kitchen.
We have a small garage and we want to make use of it
Option 1. Partially convert it leaving the front door as it is and use it as study
2. Fully convert it and do a proper garage conversion
3. Partially convert it and use it as room for children to play and have out treadmill there

deepfriedsage Thu 02-May-13 22:41:45

Option One.

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