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How to decorate a lounger / dining room - need help!!!

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waitingforbedtime Fri 25-Sep-09 18:56:40

We live in a Barratt Buckingham house (if anyone knows what that means!). Our lounge is square with a bay window and opposite the window is an arch which leads through to a dining room with french doors. Next to the archway is the kitchen (with door but is always open).

How can I decorate this space so it doesnt all clash. Our kitchen is pretty neutral with wooden units and granite worktop, lots and lots of red accesories etc. Living room is just boring magnolia. Couches are dark blue but wanting new ones in future. Would like to decorate it nicely as opposed to just painting all one colour if that makes sense? Like the idea of greens and blues and statement wallpaper but noooooooo idea what walls to do as 'statement' walls etc etc .

Any ideas? Sorry this may be very incoherent and difficult to visualise. I hate this house and just want to make it more like home and really need some tips as it is getting very depressing!

waitingforbedtime Fri 25-Sep-09 18:57:43

Title should read lounge not lounger!!

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