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hanging pictures

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risingstar Thu 24-Sep-09 19:28:37

can any one tell me how far from ceiling you are supposed to hang pictures- are there any tricks of the trade?

Had walls replastered and decorated last year and trying to get up the nerve to start re-hanging but terrified of getting it wrong and ending up with marks.

have always had terrible 1970s walls/woodchip in every other house so i have never been that worried before


fatjac Fri 25-Sep-09 09:31:19

I have a picture rails which makes re hanging picture very easy as you just adjust the length of the chain.

IMO most people make the mistake of hanging pictures too high. Sit down in your sitting room and position the picture slightly above eye level but not so high that you have to crane your neck to see.

In a hallway which you mainly walk through as opposed to sit down in, I would position them higher up.

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