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Where can I get deep shelving units?

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sequinedsteaknife Wed 23-Sep-09 13:35:05

I need storage - I was thinking about these shelves from Argos but got out my tape measure and they are only really as deep as a bookshelf.

I need something that is at least 35cm and preferably 40 or 50cm deep.
It also has to be low level because it is for an attic room and, of course, on the budget side of things.

I have looked at Ikea and at B&Q sites but no luck yet.
Any ideas anyone? Ta v much.

mammya Wed 23-Sep-09 14:00:01

Have you had a look at Ikea Ivar shelving, it comes in 50cm or 30cm depth, and various heights.

sequinedsteaknife Wed 23-Sep-09 14:26:57

Thank you, that would be perfect if it was lower. I wonder if they do lower versions in store.

GrendelsMum Wed 23-Sep-09 15:11:06

would it be cheaper to ask a local handyman to make something to fit?

navyeyelasH Wed 23-Sep-09 21:01:13

could you make some? We made some from an ikea Pax Lomer (SP?) door - they look fab IMO!

sequinedsteaknife Wed 23-Sep-09 21:48:05

Good idea, there is a timber yard round the corner and I think they would cut the wood to length for me. So I just need to work out if it is cost-effective.

navyeyelasH Wed 23-Sep-09 23:05:47

If it's any help ikea and B&Q do really cheap brackets and if you want it to be extra secure as well as brackets you can use no more nails ultra hold.

Also ikea do a massive pine table top tat is £30 so you could maybe cut that to length yourself?

NB> no I do not work for ikea, just in middle of doing loads of DIY! wink

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