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What kind of seating should we get for our family room?

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HeadFairy Wed 23-Sep-09 11:22:59

As our new kitchen is large enough to put a table in, we're going to use the dining room as a family room as it's between the kitchen and the hallway, and will get used as a walk through a lot... dh's desk with the pc will go in there, there's one wall of bookshelves and we're putting a tv with the Wii in there so we can keep the living room clear... ds will probably have most of his toys in there too as it's quite a big room, and he can spread out if I'm pottering in the kitchen (plus the living room can stay toy free hopefully)

However, I'm a bit stuck as to seating... Do we get a 2 seater sofa or a couple of armchairs and a footstool? The room is about 13'x13'

Sorry, this is a really tedious question... perhaps I can liven things up a bit by asking if anyone has any nice suggestions for either 2 seater sofas or armchairs... not hugely expensive, hard wearing to take some bashing from ds.

GrendelsMum Wed 23-Sep-09 13:53:42

We have two armchairs, a chaise longue and a 2 seater sofa in our sitting room, and the sofa gets by far the most use.

We went for a brown leather sofa on the grounds that it will look attractively distressed and antiqued when it gets old, rather than simply looking scratched and vomited on.

Sofas also seem cheaper than comparable chairs.

QueenBhannae Wed 23-Sep-09 14:04:59

Sofa definately and leather for sure. I've taken a recent fancy to the recliner suites. I can feel grey hairs sprouting even as I type hmm

AMumInScotland Wed 23-Sep-09 14:08:32

I like sofas better for family, as it's easier to squash an extra child onto them than it is with armchairs

HeadFairy Wed 23-Sep-09 14:21:52

Hmm, not keen on leather, too slippery and cold to the touch... agree that dark durable and preferably washable fabric is best. Good points about sofa though.. will start looking at sofas.

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