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Paint advice needed (boring Dulux not Farrow & Ball)

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TokenFemale Wed 23-Sep-09 11:04:01

We are finally getting round to painting the living room. The colour we have chosen for the walls is Dulux apple white (it is a lovely pale green/white colour - don't look at it on the Dulux website as it shows up grey).

Currrently the strip above the picture rail and the ceiling are painted a brilliant white and we'll be keeping that because we are lazy it looks fine.

The question I have is what colour we should pain the skirting, picture rail and door frames. I was going to go with brilliant white, but think that it might be nice to have the picture rail and area above it a slightly different colour? Not sure if that is silly though.

I would be looking for a whitish shade, as currently these are cream and don't go with the white at all.

Any idea?

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