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Anyone live in Redland, what's it like?

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makingamove Sun 20-Sep-09 20:45:59

Just that really... pros and cons of life in redland.
Are there lots of families or does it feel dominated by flats with student sharers?
Is it friendly? Any dodgy bits?
Which bits do you think are the nicest streets to live in - preferably with a bit of community feel?
Oh, and views on Westbury pk, bishop road or colstons primaries?
The estate agents say it's lovely, full of families, very friendly... but then they would, wouldn't they!!

Scottie22 Sun 20-Sep-09 21:27:56

Redland is nice but does have the largest proportion of multi-occupancy houses in the country apparently! There are loads of students - not a problem if you like students though! Parking can be an issue on some roads.
I used to live on Redland Rd which was noisy but great for Gloucester Rd. It gets quieter around the back of Cranbrook Rd where there are more family houses.
I don't know Westbury Pk so well...
St Andrews has a good community feel - especially around the park.
Bishop Rd and Colstons Primary are both really good schools. Very popular and oversubscribed though!

makingamove Sun 20-Sep-09 21:43:31

Thanks, that's exactly what I was worried about - I had heard Redland has loads of flats etc and am just wondering what actual impact it would have on your life. I have nothing against students obviously, but just wonder if it would make it less family-ish.

makingamove Mon 21-Sep-09 14:30:34

any other redland or ex-redland people out there?

queenofdenial2009 Tue 22-Sep-09 11:51:47

Not Redland, but Horfield but my sister and her family live in Bishopston. Her eldest goes to Bishop Road which is insanely oversubscribed. She personally finds it too pushy and is not convinced.

When I had to apply late for school places, I tried Colston, Bishop Road and Ashley Down and didn't get any. I live about 400 metres from Ashley Down, but no chance and have to take my daughter to Upper Horfield in Filton as it was the only school with places which is a logistical pain.

It depends what you want from an area. Personally Redland would be a bit too posh and intellectual for me. Bishopston and St Amdrews are nice and lots of people now say St Werburgh's has a good community feel. I think anywhere off the Glos Road is good because the buses are easy, loads of shops and cafes and less studenty.

You might want to come over to the local Bristol group with this thread as there's usually a good response.

needahand Tue 22-Sep-09 12:22:26

It is one of the most sought after area of Bristol due to the catchmenth of redland Green and therefore very expensive. Lovely though. The Colston primaries are supposed to be good too.

Westbury park is quiet and family orientated.

Just a word of warning though, the schools in that area are massively oversubscribed. Apparently as much as 500 families didn't get reception places

domesticslattern Tue 22-Sep-09 13:22:04

I would love to live in Redland if I could afford it. However, the schools are completely crazy in that part of town, the stories I have heard about the grief folks have trying to get a place for their kids at a school (like needahand). But other than that it is lovely, and a good place to get to other parts of Bristol from eg. Clifton, the Downs, Gloucester Road, even the Centre.

The actual impact of all of the multiple occupancy student houses probably depends more if you are next door to a particularly rowdy househare or not. Personally I was a Bristol student living in Redland so I am a bit biased grin

makingamove Tue 22-Sep-09 21:27:59

Thanks all!!
School places definitely sound a bit mad - we'd be looking for in-year non reception primary places probably next year or so. I suppose I'll have to contact the council etc.

Queen, I'd also considered the too posh aspect of things (i think that's what put us off oxford!!).
I fancied Westbury park as well as I like the idea of being close to the downs and clifton. I also liked the idea of wesbury village but then it seems like the secondary school choices aren't great up there!

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