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Lost patio door key

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pop1973 Sun 20-Sep-09 14:06:55

I have lost the patio door key to a large patio door.

Does anyone know how much it will cost to get a locksmith out to replace the key.

It is a rented house and this is the only key to the door. We don't want to loose our bond when we leave shortly.

Any ideas of cost ??

ib Sun 20-Sep-09 14:19:48

Does the landlord not have a spare you can copy?

Is the door locked right now? If the landlord doesn't have a copy and you can open it, I would just replace the lock for a new one.

pop1973 Sun 20-Sep-09 14:28:34


No he doesn't have a spare key otherwise we would have got it from him.
The door is locked right now, so we can't open it.

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