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Survey back - so who do I contact now?

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rebl Thu 17-Sep-09 16:37:59

Got our homebuyers survey back. A few things on it that need further investigation / quotes.

1) Fireplaces have been blocked up but provision has not been made to vent the redundant flues. Introduce vents. - Who do I call for a quote?

2) We recorded isolated high damp meter readings to the base of the ground floor walls which have possibly been caused by the failure or bridging of the damp-proof course and a more detailed investigation is needed. - Who?

3) The floorboards creak and are loose and need refixing / repair. - Not being funny but don't most houses floorboards creak a bit?

4) The plaster finishes are cracked and hollow and repares should be anticipated - Not too worried as got to be rewired anyway so this will result in replastering anyway but guess I should get a quote.

5) Some doors are in need of adjustment and repair - Who?

7) The ventilation to the gas fire is not considered adequate and needs to be improved - Who?

8) You should obtain quotations for improving ventilation to the boiler - Who?

9) The cast-iron soil and vent pipe requires some maintenance and repair. Similarly the external waste pipes are in need of attention - Who?

10) The gulleys do not have gratings and these should be installed. The covers to some gulleys are damaged and should be renewed - What are these and who?

Thanks for your help if you can!

There is a pile of guttering, roof and chimney things so I've rung a roofer who does guttering and he's going out on Saturday to give a quote.

The electrical inspection brought up £1200 urgent repairs.

Asbestos removal quote has come in at £400 + vat.

I'm thinking we're going to have to knock money off our agreed purchase price because the list is long and sounding expensive.

hairymelons Thu 17-Sep-09 16:44:09

We didn't know where to go after getting our survey back either.
In the end we just went on yell and searched locally for each thing, so in your case: damp proofing, and I'd try a plumber and a builder. Builders do most things and will be able to tell you where to go for the bits they don't do.

LIZS Thu 17-Sep-09 16:49:34

that is fairly thorough for a homebuyers report ! Perhaps the surveyor hasn't many to do.

I wouldn't have thought many of those are significant tbh . A gas engineer (was corgi but can't remember the new affiliation) can look at the boiler and fire vents (might be worth asking if they have been serviced recently as that would have picked this up). I assume gulleys are gutters and the grills would be to stop leaves blocking the drains so a roofer. A builder could look at most of the rest.

cassell Thu 17-Sep-09 17:10:46

Most of these are pretty minor (lol at the floorboards!) Is definitely worth getting a quote on the damp works though (our survey came up with similar comment, the works cost £2500 and that was knocked off the purchase price), you need a damp & timber specialist -you can find a contractor here. As others have said a builder can do most of the others, the new register for gas engineers is Gas Safe Register.

definitely see if you can get some money knocked off

scaryteacher Thu 17-Sep-09 17:13:45

If it's an old house and hasn't been properly heated, then I'd move in and heat it for a while, then get the damp looked at again. I had this on my survey, but as my house was built in 1835, it didn't have a damp proof course, so we just whacked the heating on for 6 months, and the problem went away.

Tenants are now not heating it properly, so the problem is back; but that's a different story.

rebl Fri 18-Sep-09 10:01:25

Thanks scaryteacher. I would love to hope it was just that but the old man has the heating on full blast all the time as far as we can tell so I suspect its a problem. Its not that old a house (1940's). Similar to our current house and they do have a damp problem if the damp proof is faulty, its a known problem in this area with these houses. Have rung a damp company today and they are going to arrange to go and do a survey next week.

Also rung a plumber who does gas as well to go out and the roofer is going on Saturday.

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