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House-hunters support thread

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rebl Wed 16-Sep-09 22:42:16

Nicked fruitsticks suggestion! I know there are alot of us on here at the moment all struggling in this difficult market.

Update on us. Our sale is going smoothly although the buyers are now having a 3rd survey done shock. They say they don't have anything they're worried about on the house, they like to make sure everything is cover. Alot of throwing money away if you ask me!

Our purchase is no surprises going very slowly. Still not received draft contract even though I think we're now 3 weeks into our 8 week completion deadline. We've had our electrical survey back and it wasn't great, over £1000 of urgent and safty work. Waiting for the Homebuyers to come back any day before going back to vendors for money off. But at the end of hte day we won't walk away on £1000 because we've already spent that on the house so its pointless to walk away now.

Solicitor seems overly confident that we'll be in and decorating by half term hmm. I'm not holding my breath but I have gone and choosen the kids new preschool and put their names down to start after half term and I'm going round the local primary school in 2 weeks time with a view to filling in the school application form with this new address by the 18th Dec!

So how are everyone else coming along?

fruitstick Wed 16-Sep-09 23:01:56

You must be psychic! We must have typed at the same time!

Glad to hear all is on track grin

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