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Anyone used True Shopping ?

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littleoldme Wed 16-Sep-09 09:05:36

We are getting anew bathroom and am considering using them. The stuff looks v reasonable . Anyone used them ?

2Lulus Fri 18-Sep-09 01:04:39

Yep, got about 1/2 our bathroom from them. V reasonably priced, v quick delivery (though I cant remember whether they were the ones that would only deliver the palete outside your door, not anywhere more convenient) and any problems they send out new parts immediately even when your builder is lying about the condition it arrived in! I would definately use them again. If you want I will try to upload photos.

littleoldme Sat 19-Sep-09 09:51:27

Thanks that's really helpful - I think they are the ones who deliver only to the door.

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