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remodelling a fireplace - tiles?

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willowstar Wed 16-Sep-09 06:33:06

Hello again

We are replacing a hideous 70s fireplace in our home which is about a 100 years old. Now, I have looked into buying a new fireplace and most are completely overpriced for us and to be honest I don't really like them. They are just too grand for the room. The repro victorian ones are OK but the common range of tiles is limited and I can't find any to match my colour scheme. it is an open coal fire.

So...this sounds dodgy but we are thinking of creating our own from scratch. I like the old style tiled fireplaces, you know the ones from less grand homes about a hundred years ago. OH is pretty handy so he is going to create a concrete mold for the hearth and surround and we are going to tile it with some lovely textured marble tiles I have found. We are on the lookout for heatproof cement and grout.

Does anyone have any experience of doing anything like this? I think it is probably quite unusual but when you look at the fireplaces out there, anything within our budget is just naff and they all look the same.


Jumente Wed 16-Sep-09 06:39:43

I think you should try ebay before you try anything this complicated! smile

I had the task of replacing a missing fireplace for our victorian flat, the chimney piece was in a state, someone had stuck concrete to the brick so many of them were damaged and needed covering as they were irreparable.

I couldn't afford anything new and anyway repro stuff would just look naff in an old house I thought. So I looked on ebay and found loads of brilliant victorian fireplaces on there, you search items using the little tab which lets you choose by the nearest stuff to you.

I got three in the end, two didn't fit easily, the third was a simple job - so I sold the other two to a furniture dealer and made a little profit!

Seriously they go for about a fiver sometimes. Try and look at your neighbours fires if they are original, to get an idea of an appropriate style - also measure them!!

Good luck. Also some sellers will deliver for nothing or a small fee.

Don#t be put off by reclamation sites or yards - they all charge hideous prices, and one man told me I wouldn't find anything on ebay under 2 grand wink yes well ours cost £25 in the end.

manitz Sun 20-Sep-09 10:06:44

where are you? guy got me original tiles, original fireplace, matched to my room colours about the right era and fitted with new hearth for 1200 all in. - all sandblasted and oiled. looks lovely and for the price of purchase in london. can recommend thought dont know if prices have changed any in 4 years.

hope this works:\

it's blasted irony in wembley

somewhathorrified Sun 20-Sep-09 11:00:00

We rebuilt our open fire including building a hearth. We used granite look floor tiles which cost £60 for a pack (used one pack) and made a wooden surround. Had to build the whole thing including fireback and fire lintel...whole thing cost us about £400 and took about 1 week (3days drying time for the concrete hearth).

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