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Abingdon or Oxford itself?

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Elibean Sun 13-Sep-09 22:22:56

I grew up in Oxford, but hardly know Abingdon...lots of years later, with two small dds, we've just sold (moving into rental) in SW London, and prices are silly round here. Plus, lovely primary but v little choice of secondary schools. I still have family in Oxford, so we're looking seriously at our options - any advice would be helpful!

choosyfloosy Sun 13-Sep-09 22:43:55

Can't help much as I only know Oxford to live in. I like Abingdon when I go there, and there's a lot for children there (OK, fantastic swimming pool and great soft play blush) but the lack of a rail station does put me off.

State secondary schools in Oxford are frankly underwhelming - not that I have experience yet as ds is 5.

Whereabouts in Oxford would you go for? I'm in West Oxford and can hardly believe my luck most days smile. Any clues on budget??

luvaduck Sun 13-Sep-09 23:24:27

isn't cherwell meant to be a good secondary??

what are the nice parts of west oxford?? we are looking at north oxford at the mo. I would worry that abingdon would be a bit small towny. I moved from sw london to the country and hate it so am looking forward to moving back to a city.

used2bthin Sun 13-Sep-09 23:33:58

Matthew Arnold is also supposed to be a good secondary. Botley, Cumner and Kennington (and surrounding villages ) feed into it I think. Abingdon is nice enough and I always enjoy visiting too but traffic can be a bit of a pita if you were trying to get into oxford, especially form South Abingdon. North is different though, its the one way system in the centre that is a bit of a pain.

choosyfloosy Sun 13-Sep-09 23:56:50

Cherwell is supposed to be pretty good but is HUGE. Matthew Arnold supposed to be quite good. I just wish that they were better! in west oxford we feed into MA so it could be loads worse.

LOL at 'what are the nice parts of west oxford' - it's not very glam, that's for sure. If you can afford North Oxford there's no reason to choose West Oxford really. I'm not going to be too specific about where I am, but I'm pretty near the river - that's not very specific in Oxford! I absolutely love it, it's really friendly. There's a nice house for sale a few doors down from me - lots of nice neighbours, move in here smile

luvaduck Mon 14-Sep-09 00:03:30

only saying that choosy becasue i don't know it all, rather than i think its grim!
will have a look though
most people who live in oxford seem to love it which is a great sign...

Elibean Mon 14-Sep-09 09:54:54

Thanks smile

I loved growing up in Oxford, but it was a very long time ago...

Tips on schools hugely useful, they've changed so much since my time (I was at a small indie girls school, but had friends from Cheney, Headington, Bloxham, High School, and more).

Think we'll go and either stay with my Mum (old marston) or rent a holiday flat for a few days in half term, and have a good look round. I do love where I live, but planes and schools and most of all prices are making me think again.

Budget fairly flexible, as long as prices don't go up again!

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