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flooded downstairs WC room with wooden floors, any advice?

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JustCutAndPaste Fri 11-Sep-09 15:06:27

Have just come home to the sound of running water and realised the washbasin tap was left on for approx 6 hrs. It's a stupid design with no overflow pipe. (I have thought about the lack of overflow pipe before but have not bothered to do anything about it.)

I genuinely don't know if it was me or the kids who left it running. Anyway I've mopped up what I can, moved everything out of the cupboards under the washbasin, and I'm off to get the kids from school. Dp is away today so can't be any immediate help. I'm tempted to just leave it to dry out. I will check later if our house insurance covers anything like this. But we're planning to get the whole ground floor re-done at some point in any case.

Is there anything important I should be aware of, and anything I should do before it's too late?

Owls Fri 11-Sep-09 18:25:53

Oh what a pain. I would have thought if it is real wood then there's a chance it will warp maybe? Laminate will probably lift in parts unless it's something like Amtico which takes a lot of pounding.

You might be lucky and it dries out fine but if you think it's an insurance claim then let them know asap as they will want to come out and see the damage.

A hopeful bump in case someone more knowledgable comes along. smile

JustCutAndPaste Fri 11-Sep-09 19:51:56

Thanks Owls. smile It's real wood. It probably has already warped - when I tried opening the door there was a bit where the door scraped over the floor, and previously that hadn't happened. Probably won't bother trying to claim for it though.

Sagacious Fri 11-Sep-09 19:55:05

Ours warped (insurance covered it)

JustCutAndPaste Sun 13-Sep-09 11:49:03

That's useful to know Sagacious. Ours have warped loads more and dp wants to claim for it now. Did the company kick up any fuss about covering it or not?

Sagacious Sun 13-Sep-09 19:15:43

Ours paid up with no hassle BUT it was a leaky toliet (we'd been away on holiday and come back to find it and called out the emergency plumber covered on our insurance .. the company that originally installed the flooring had to write a report and we had to get another quote, as it was a big claim (over 4k as it had seeped into the hallway meaning the way the floorboards were laid the living room floor had to be replaced as well) we had a insurance assessor who came and took a photo just to confirm the damage)

Reading back it sounds a faff it honestly wasn't. The damage was VERY obvious though.

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