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nappyzoneisback Fri 11-Sep-09 09:07:32

so we are now getting quotes in that are not in the realms of fantasy for a 2 storey extension. We have had builders who have come up with ridiculous prices and ones not so ridic. We built up a good rapport with this local builder i had recommended and he has put in time with ideas etc and seems a really nice established older genuine builder and has had his trades out so his figures are accurate - he came round with his final price and it was £45k which was really disappointing as we wanted to use him but budgeted 30k-35k max so told him so and he sat there then in space of 5 mins shaved off 10k if we said the job was his which we kind of said yes too (verbally and pending our planning permission coming throug in next few weeks) but on agreement he has to come back with his full detailed quote as per our architects spec........ i was pleased at the time as he came in on budget but now the fact he swiped off 10k in minute makes me doubt him. What do you think?

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