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Loft conversion - what walls to paint?

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PavlovtheForgetfulCat Wed 09-Sep-09 20:19:52

Oh I am getting all worked up and unable to make any decisions about anything. DH has resorted to shrugging and saying 'i don't know' to every suggestion I come up with.

We were thinking of doing the sloping ceiling white, an off white of some colour, and also the long walls underneath the slopes the same colour, woodwork white gloss. Then the end walls, the 'triangle' as it were a colour, probably a petroleum type blue or a soft green (advice on that in a moment too).

But, I have been looking at some loft conversion sites and noticed that some have the ceiling painted the darker colour, with the insert of the window painted white as a contrast, the the main walls painted white/off white.

The room is not big, but has 3 skylights and lots of sun. Do you think this would make the room look too small? It is hard to guage from the sites I have looked at the size of the rooms in the pictures.

Also. Colours. We have a lovely duvet set, japanese style in brown with shimmery green/silver flowers, and a throw to go with it, its expensive and not old. Are we daft to coordinate our room colour to match this exactly? And what colours would go with it other than green/brown? (especially as velux blind colours are not exactly in abundance).

Thanks in advance you wise ones!

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