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National Conservatory Advisory Service - anyone used them or heard of them?

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43Today Tue 08-Sep-09 13:02:48

We are starting to look around for conservatory suppliers with a view to having conservatory added onto new build house, while house is being built (are we mad?).

We stumbled across this website and wondered if anyone had any experience of using them - apparently it's a service that organises quotes from 4 local companies, then if you gowith one of them you have a project manager.. It claims it's not a trade organisation, ie companies don't simply pay a fee to be included.. hmmm.

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated, TIA

jeanjeannie Tue 08-Sep-09 21:16:15

Hi - we've sort of heard of them (him) hmm I think your sceptism is well placed in this case.

We have a conservatory company and as far as we can work out it's a 'front' for the guy to sell his own stuff - in other words he's just a middle man. We steer clear of those sort of things as it's going to be a middle man you don't need. He is making his money somewhere and there are a number of 'conservatory advice' style companies across the country.

My advice would be
1) Decide how much you want to spend.
2) UPVC or wood?
3) Is it a conservatory you want or an organgerie - just that the later has less glass and can be a lot cooler if you're facing the afternoon sun.
4) Find as many local companies as you can and do the leg-work yourself. Be careful of the really cheap and really expensive quotes...around the middle should be about right. You really shouldn't need a project manager anyway - they're not that complex if designed properly at the begining.


HerHonesty Tue 08-Sep-09 21:18:45

marketing gimmick. stay well clear.

43Today Wed 09-Sep-09 08:18:03

Many thanks for those comments, have to say I was feeling a little bit 'hmm' about it.

I think you are right about doing the legwork and finding someone local too - best get cracking!

Recommendations gratefully received for conservatory companies in Cambridgeshire..

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