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rent to buy schemes, anyone done this please help!!!!

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carrie1985 Tue 08-Sep-09 00:52:49


My DP and i were searching the internet for a new flat to let when we came across a post on gumtree, its a rent to buy scheme called tenent2owner, we are finding it EXTREAMLY difficult to find any reviews on such a scheme which seems vey sus to me. does anyone have any experience of these schemes, even friends experiences would be more than helpful.
i'm getting very confused with all the jargon and feel there must be some sort of catch or everyone would be doing this. i really need help.

skihorse Wed 09-Sep-09 18:32:51

If the property is such a "fucking great deal" why can't the sell it off the bat rather than pissing around with a "scheme" such as this. Knowing where you live - you should know as good as anyone that property in your area is WAAAAAAAY overpriced. If the property in question was a good price RIGHT NOW which you could AFFORD, you'd buy it right?

But logic aside, legalities and traps probably include mad indemnities, being tied in to "their" financial products/advisor and being tied to a price which may or may not vary according to market conditions.

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