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Help with colour scheme - please!

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passionfruity Sat 05-Sep-09 08:18:24

Looking for some help deciding on a colour scheme for a much-needed redecoration of our open plan kitchen/dining/living room.

I'm thinking cream, turquoise and a splash of pink for the accessories, with our oak-coloured furniture/floor eg. cream sofa, turquoise rug, pink/turq cushions, cream dining chairs, perhaps a turq 'feature wall'...

Or what about YELLOW?! or GREEN? I like bright colours grin

Have been flicking through all the home magazines and am completely overwhelmed with all the options

missingtheaction Sat 05-Sep-09 08:30:08

horrible isn't it - the terrible realisation that choosing means choosing NOT to have some things that you really love.

Personally I would go pink/turquoise because they are much more flattering colours than green and yellow and I like them best. But really I would carry on dithering.

We built a 5-bed house from scratch and in the end I had all the walls painted white because I just didn't have the strength left to choose anything else. Looked good though!

noddyholder Sat 05-Sep-09 08:36:35

What is the kitchen like?Maybe get a huge coloured piece of art rather than a feature wall which is very dated already!Duck egg blue dark rose pink and ivory is stunning if done well.I have a space like that and it is grey white and red and it really works.Good luck with it

passionfruity Sat 05-Sep-09 18:59:23

Thanks for the thoughts. I like the sound of duck egg and rose pink but our home is v modern and I associate those colours with Victorian etc houses...oh, I need to buy a second home to fit in all the different colours smile

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