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bedroom theme for 9 yo!

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chimchar Mon 31-Aug-09 09:09:32

just coming to towards the end of our extension work thank god and need to decide on new bedrooms for each of the kids. have sorted dd and ds2, but having trouble with ds1. he's nearly 9. we don't want characters (no ben 10, go gos, spongebob etc) but has to be cool and suitable to last a good few years.

he wants an army/camouflage theme, but all i've found look really naff (imo!) he's open to other ideas too, but we just can't find anything we like!

any ideas/themes/suggestions/offers to come and paint most welcomed!

Umlellala Mon 31-Aug-09 09:27:04

next and ikea- youth room have some good ideas for cool rooms.

stars? or stripes? (er...)

What about choosing a cool rug/bedlinen/curtains and going from there.

Re army camouflage - maybe different shades of green/khaki? with some camouflage curtains?

chimchar Mon 31-Aug-09 11:12:10

thanks um.

the ikea stuff looks nice.

i've seen some lush cartoony style skull stuff on ebay...he's not keen.

must try to remember its his room, not mine!!

we both like some of the stuff in next, but its quite expensive...we need two duvet covers and curtains, and all new bits and pieces....

plus, he is only nearly 9...i don't want it too grown up, but it can't be at all aimed at little children....


LadyoftheBathtub Mon 31-Aug-09 11:21:30

At 9 surely he'll change a lot over the next few years - I wouldn't want to commit to a theme he might change his mind about.

Let him choose a khaki/camouflage type wall colour (and carpet or rug?) and get some cool posters of his choice, that you can change easily. Bedding also easy to update, so you could get camouflage bedding or something else themed that might go well, eg jungle pattern.

He could make airfix models/parachuting soldiers to hang from the ceiling etc.

(I hate camouflage/army theme btw! but I think there are ways to do it that would be less permanent)

chimchar Mon 31-Aug-09 11:31:23

i know that he'll change lady...i'm not into all over wall paper or anything..i want to keep nice plain walls, plain flooring, and just theme it with the duvets, pictures etc...

like the idea of hanging things from the the mo its covered in stars and planets and a lonely salt dough rocket thats seen better days! grin

mumandlovingit Mon 31-Aug-09 11:46:15

we've got cream walls with a blue border round the top.the duvets/curtains and pictures are all dr who but could easily be changed to others without having to paint/redecorate, especially if you frame the posters.

our ds's are 7 and 8 and share the room

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