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Tips for a smooth house move!

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gingerbunny Mon 31-Aug-09 08:21:11

We are moving house in four weeks, does anyone have any good advice on packing, moving etc with a 3yo and baby.
What worked well for you?, what should we avoid?
Thank you

DuchessOfAvon Mon 31-Aug-09 08:41:07

We moved a month ago with the same combination of kids. It was hard work but OK.

I decided to throw money at the problem and had the removal company pack us up. When I looked at the money it wasn't THAT much more and it really saved my sanity.

We stayed with friends for a few nights across the move - and roped in the grandparents so we had some time to clean the house before our stuff arrived. The house REALLY needed cleaning and they'd left a lot of stuff which I freecycled and got out of the way before our stuff arrived.

Declutter BEFORE you move. I went through each room and chucked out rubbish or did charity shop runs. Make sure you aren't transporting stuff that you'll not be using in the new house.

I put a box in each room for stuff to keep out from the packers - a few toys for each of the kids, cleaning products and tea-making stuff. Whatever you know that you will want to lay your hands on easily. I would also put out some clothes for you - our room came last on the unpacking priority list and I was in the same clothes for about three days until I at last got to the boxes with useful stuff in them.

I took our three year old to see the new house without furniture and also the old house once it was empty. I think it helped her to understand the transition.

Keep a notebook in your bag with all of the useful addresses and phone numbers that you think you might need - agents, movers, solicitors etc.... And you can put your final readings and opening readings for the utilities in it too so you don't mislay the envelope that your DH wrote them on.

I also had a closing down check list for the old house and a start-up list for the new house - in terms of who to notify, readings to take etc....

In the book I also kept a running Change of Address list so that as people occurred to me I wrote them down and then I spent one night doing all the changes of address - banks, council tax, child benefit, DVLA etc...

Fish and chips for the first night in the new house.

Good luck and hope it goes smoothly.

ABetaDad Mon 31-Aug-09 08:51:09

Start now, throw away everythng you do not need or have not used for 12 months. Pay extra for packers to do the packing on the day. Get someone to look after the children on the day(s) of the move. A house in chaos with men walking in and out is not a good place for children to be and they will get bored and you will be too busy to look after them properly.

Just done 2 house moves and these tips worked for us. Still exhausting though.

Umlellala Mon 31-Aug-09 09:30:45

These are brilliant - thanks (hoping to be moving soon with a 3yo and 1yo too)! Love the notebook idea.

Gingerbunny, good luck with your move smile

cece Mon 31-Aug-09 09:34:55

as you pack the boxes number them. so the first box you pack is number 1 and so. then when you unpack the boxes do it in reverse order.

midnightexpress Mon 31-Aug-09 09:43:18

Definitely chuck stuff out before the packers arrive (and DO get packers, if you can possibly afford it. You will save hours of dithering). They pack everyting, so make sure you want to take it or you'll be unpacking half empty tins of tomatoes at the other end.

And order an online shop to arrive at your new address on the evening of your move.

Some of the removals companies have printable checklists of people you need to notify, which are quite handy.

gingerbunny Mon 31-Aug-09 17:08:00

thank you all so much for the tips, great advice which i will definately be using.
thanks for your good wishes too.
we have started clearing out today and now have lots of stuff for the charity shops and a car boot sale. we've been here over 10 years, i didn't realise we had acquired quite so much junk!!
Umlellala - good luck with your move too. smile

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