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How do I put up blinds on uPVC windows?

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odisco Sun 30-Aug-09 15:55:19

I've got some roller blinds to put up. I can't attach them to the walls due to the state of the plaster (and the walls) as well as the daido rail. So attaching them to the uPVC window frame is the most obvious thing. I can use a bit without glass but can it be done? Anyadvice gratefully received....

bigTillyMint Sun 30-Aug-09 16:07:36

Watching this as I've always wondered (have lived in a house with UPVC windows for 10 years!)

kitkatqueen Sun 30-Aug-09 16:14:43

Hiya, Ihave a roller blind on mine, but it is attached to the walls either side. My net curtains are attached to the upvc of the window using sticky backed hooks. Some of them kept dropping off and dp has screwed them to the upvc frame with very small screws.

I think if I was you I would ring someone who fits windows and ask their advice.

good luck

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