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ideas to reduce draft from crappy windows please

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stayingcalm Sat 29-Aug-09 05:14:01

Hello, we have just moved into rented, some sash windows double glazed some not, can tell its going to be a chilly house and have 2 dc under 3!

so other than spending on v expensive heavy curtains (only living here until late spring) can anyone suggest tried and tested ideas that will help?

all windows currently have flimsy almost transparent paper roller blinds!!!


janmoomoo Sat 29-Aug-09 19:56:57

That cling film stuff you blow dry on is fine for the winter and very effective I have found. You generally have to replace it every year tho. Can get in wilkinsons.

brimfull Sat 29-Aug-09 19:59:27

yes cling film stuff is v. effective

just means you can't open the windows

GrendelsMum Sat 29-Aug-09 20:21:49

I'd use the draft stripping materials round the edges of all the window - 'E' shaped and 'P' shaped depending on the size of the gap. This makes an astonishing difference.

You can get very good second hand curtains on Ebay which might help. We bought some and then sold them on when we got our proper curtains.

stayingcalm Sat 29-Aug-09 21:35:30

great thanks, i'll try the cling film stuff and try get heavy curtains second hand!

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