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Problem picked up on survey

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rebl Wed 26-Aug-09 10:34:45

Less than 24 hrs after eventually agreeing a purchase price on where we want to buy (see other post but this is a major achievment!) we get a call from the ea regarding the survey on our property. Apparently the surveyor has said there is a large amount of roof and chimney work that needs doing plus some odds and sods through the house. They want £5k off for the roof. I got a list of what they say is wrong.
1) The flashing needs doing round the chimney - Yes, that looks right but I have to say I hadn't noticed it before.
2) The chimney needs repointing. - No I don't agree, on our neighbours side yes but not on our side.
3) Some tiles need replacing - I can see 2 split tiles, no missing ones. Surely cracked tiles can be left and don't need replacing.
4) Some ridge tiles are missing - There are definatly NO ridge tiles missing.

I can't believe that this amounts to £5k either. We had flashing replaced on conservatory 18months ago and it cost £200. We had roof ventilation put in 6 months ago which required some tiles to be removed and replaced which cost £250. This does not come close to £5k. £1k maybe but not £5k.

Next door are in the process of getting quotes for getting their repointing done on their side of the chimney so I could speak to them as they're getting a person up there soon anyway so maybe our flashing can be sorted out at the same time and therefore reduce the cost?

Where do we go with this? Is it worth us getting a few roofers to come and have a look and give us quotes?

puffylovett Wed 26-Aug-09 11:54:08

was this the mortgage survey, or your own private homebuyer survey ? I would definitely get quotes in, but also speak to the vendor and see if they will rduce the price slightly.

You expect maintenance issues in most properties though tbh. No idea why they would insist on devaluing by 5k ! seems excessive to me ?

HouseHunting Wed 26-Aug-09 12:15:20

What kind of survey was it? Did the surveyor actually get up onto the roof or just review it from the ground level? Definitely get more people round to look at your roof & see if they actually raise the same (or any) issues.
Also, did the valuation come back at what the buyers are paying for your house? If so, then it was valued in its current position.

Sorry you are still having a painful time. (((hugs)))

jeanjeannie Wed 26-Aug-09 12:20:11

Cor - that sounds excessive to me too hmm Don't think I've ever bought a property that the survey didn't mention the flashings!

Seems to me that it's the current vogue thing to do - wait for the survey and knock off an amount because the survery brings something to light. OK i'd understand if it was something drastic - but there is nothing you've stated worth creating a drama over.

I'd quickily get a quote from next door - see what they think and then be straight up with the EA and tell them what the real price of the work would be. Say you're prepared to accept X off the price and stick to your guns....unless you really can take a 5K hit off the price.

SOLOisMeredithGrey Wed 26-Aug-09 12:22:58

I'd get the work done myself and go from there...certainly shouldn't cost £5k.

rebl Wed 26-Aug-09 13:28:06

Have spoken to the neighbour and they've given me the roofer's number. About to call him. They recon that its nowhere near £5k. They've been quoted £500 for their repointing.

Rox73 Wed 26-Aug-09 14:22:26

i'd go back to the EA with your quote from the roofer, then either offer to do the work or cover to contribute to the cost of the £500 quote.

Northernlurker Sun 30-Aug-09 00:13:52

Don't know how you're getting on with this but we had our chimney flashing done and some other work on the roof and the total was under £500! 5 grand sounds like the price for a new roof to me hmm

NoseyHelen Sun 30-Aug-09 10:59:46

All of the points raised in the survey seem very typical of any property I have owned and one would expect such things to be in the survey. The way we look at these things is that if we are buying an older house we expect that the roof will probably need some attention - in your case if the surveyor could see it from the road, so could the buyer.

A rule of thumb is: if a reasonable person could reasonably expect such work to be needed on a house of that age/style, you can't deduct money - if however, a reasonable person could not expect such issues, e.g. severe asbestos contamination, you should be able to ask for a reduction.

And as for £5k - they are taking the proverbial...

HerHonesty Sun 30-Aug-09 11:34:38

ask to see the survey.

rebl Sun 30-Aug-09 19:26:57

I asked to see the survey but they wouldn't leave it with the ea. We've agreed to £1k off but no more. We're so tired and fed up of it all we just want to get moving and now our purchase has at least accepted an offer we've decided £1k isn't much on the mortgage and not worth the stress. THe ea told them where to shove their £5k.

HerHonesty Sun 30-Aug-09 22:14:19

well if they wont show you the survey then i wouldnt budge.

yomellamoHelly Sun 30-Aug-09 22:27:06

Agree with NH. Would not have expected money off for these items. When we bought this place we asked for £2K off to cover redoing the damp-proofing. There were lots of other jobs flagged up too, but this was the only one that was honestly unexpected. We were quite happy to share the survey in order to get this money off the asking price. EA acted as go-between.

yomellamoHelly Sun 30-Aug-09 22:29:12

FWIW we had the whole roof replaced for £5k (two-bed Victorian semi)

Northernlurker Sun 30-Aug-09 23:22:30

I think they won't show you the survey because it doesn't back up their claim for a 5 grand reduction! Stand firm and good luck!

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