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Bah bah bah! House we were shown on saturday and fell in love with, has already been sold to a mate!

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Thandeka Mon 24-Aug-09 08:47:10

Random conincidence! Have been looking for a house in this area for a while now. Recently had 11 viewings and of them there was a pearl amongst the swine of this lovely house. Was going to review it this morning and possibly put an offer on it. Anyhow my mate Dave is buying in same area and I showed him "our house" only for it to be the one he has had an offer accepted on! Evil agents and Sellers looking for a gazumper. (he was gazumped on his last house and lost a pile of money and so is livid about this- not at me thankfully and obviously am bowing out gracefully!).

The weird thing is his accepted offer was £258k and the seller told me the property was on at £260k but when I checked the agents site it was actually on at £265k so it seems seller would accept £260k which seems a pitiful amount to be gazumped by (not saying its a pitiful amount of money but as a % of overall house costs seems a bit crazy!)

Bah so now am back on the house hunt and very wary about gazumping! Nargh. At least that house may have been a tiny bit too small for us as I now work from home alot and we have a baby on the way so although we think 2 bedrooms is enough I think we really need 3 or at least sufficient space in the living area for desk and lots of storage (which doesn't really happen in victorian terraces!)

Just wanted a rant really!

Lizzylou Mon 24-Aug-09 08:48:59

Poor you
A lot of people keep marketing their house and accepting viewers because they are scared the sale will fall through, not nice though.
Hope you find the right house soon.

Thandeka Tue 25-Aug-09 18:22:38

Found a better house last night- viewed it again today and put an offer in and its been accepted so phew!

Not impressed with the agents of my friends house though- they are still phoning me to see if am interested in it- bloody evil!

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