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Can I show you my before and after of my new bathroom? Can I? Please??

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spicemonster Thu 20-Aug-09 20:40:31

This is the first room finished (almost - tiles still need cleaning and sealing) in a looooong project where the master bedroom, hall and kitchen are still blank holes with wires hanging out the walls. But it is finally beginning to feel like it might be worth all the disruption and having a fridge and tumble dryer in the middle of the living room!

MyDingaling Thu 20-Aug-09 20:41:52

Where is it?

spicemonster Thu 20-Aug-09 20:47:10

On my profile. Sorry, was so excited that I forgot to upload pix first, post after

MagNacarta Thu 20-Aug-09 20:50:58

For a horrible moment I thought that the first pic was the finished bathroom and was thinking how I'd better not post grin.

It looks lovely - rather like my own, so I may be a little biased.

Jojay Thu 20-Aug-09 20:58:34

Very nice. Where did you get your units from? We're doing our bathroom atm and I need some inspirationgrin

spicemonster Thu 20-Aug-09 20:59:46

Thank you. It's the first time I've ever done anything like this so it's all been a bit nerve-racking.

LOL at the before being the final - it gave me headaches - the world's least relaxing bathroom!

spicemonster Thu 20-Aug-09 21:00:59

Jojay - my builder built them himself. He's a v good carpenter (luckily - he's my friend's boyfriend so it's all been a bit on trust but he's done a sterling job)

Overmydeadbody Thu 20-Aug-09 21:03:50


I always like having a look at other people's profile pics of their houses grin

Cute kid too!

spicemonster Thu 20-Aug-09 21:05:11

Thanks OMDB - he's of course my proudest achievement wink

morningpaper Thu 20-Aug-09 21:08:36

oooh lovely, looks like a posh hotel!

Twixabix Thu 20-Aug-09 21:09:55

it's lovely, well done (so is ds cutie pie)

Overmydeadbody Thu 20-Aug-09 21:26:01

Can I swap mine for yours?grin

SwedesandTurnips Thu 20-Aug-09 21:31:47

Spice - It looks very nice indeed. Look fw to seeing the rest as it gets completed.

Owls Thu 20-Aug-09 21:35:47

What a difference! That looks great.

abouteve Thu 20-Aug-09 21:41:09

I would go for that look if I changed mine. Very nice and hotelish but warm looking.

spicemonster Thu 20-Aug-09 21:41:09

Thank you all

My mum and dad's internet connection has gone down and my sisters and most of my online friends are on hols so it's lovely to have people to admire it

Swedes - I have uploaded a photo of the current state of my kitchen so you can see what the rest of the flat looks like!

babablacksheep Thu 20-Aug-09 21:47:37

Spicemonster - it looks great - just what I would like for mine when we save up!

faraday Fri 21-Aug-09 17:23:05

So when can you come and fix mine up?

Very nice!

StripeySuit Sat 22-Aug-09 12:13:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

spicemonster Mon 24-Aug-09 19:44:31

It's MDF so a lot less liable to warp than ply

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