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Feeling totally demorailised

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HouseHunting Tue 18-Aug-09 12:56:25

I mentioned on another thread that we put an offer on a house last Saturday morning & it was passed to the Vendor yesterday morning. We didn't hear back yesterday until DH phoned the EA before he left work & we were told the Vendor would liekly accept our offer if we could increase it by £3k but there were 2 veiwings booked in for yesterday evening that the Vendor wanted to honour. Well, both people have offered this & apparently it is more than what we offered. I am so upset with this house hunting business - in my area properties get snapped up so quickly & it is definitely a sellers market. We are now waiting to see if the Vendor wants to go to sealed bids - I just know we won't get it as our maximum is £13k on top of our original offer & that is still £20k below the asking price. The Ea keeps saying that as we offered first that could go in our favour - huh? We are not stupid! All three parties who have offered are all in similar positions so it is not as if one position is more favourable. It will all come down to money.

I am just so demporalised that we are struggling to find a home. I have never encountered stress like this

Rox73 Tue 18-Aug-09 13:30:33

I'm sorry to hear you're stressed about house hunting. We've been looking since the start of the year and have had our first buyer pull out on the day of exchange and then been gazumped. So I know the pain you're going through. We still haven't had an offer accepted yet and are (fingers crossed) due to exchange with a delayed completion this week.

If all parties are in similar positions, maybe if you offer the most flexibility, that may help sway the vendor. ie. tell them that you're prepared to exchange quickly and are flexible on completion dates. Are you prepared or able to put down a deposit (subject to the survey)? You can also offer that as a way of distinguishing your offer. You want to stress to them that you are a "safe bet" and will complete on the sale.

One thing to keep in mind is that in the event that they didn't take your offer the first time round, it just might come back on the market again. I've seen alot of houses that I really wanted come back on the market so you might get it in the long run.

Hope you get the house!

NigellaTufnel Tue 18-Aug-09 13:31:11

You are not the only one!

We have been out bid on so many houses that I am getting thoroughly fed up

randomtask Tue 18-Aug-09 13:41:57

Hello, I exchanged on a house yesterday. We saw the house back in June, liked it, worked out how much it'd cost to do it up and booked another visit for 2 days later. The next day it was sold for cash as the owner is already living with his son and just wanted the ease of a quick sale. So, we looked at a house across the road which was £30k more (and £10k over budget) and put in an offer for £20k less than it was up for, realising we could afford to do it up but would have no savings left. They said no, so we offered £5k more. Two days later, the lady had spoken to her exH and he said he'd only accept £3k less than the asking price. At the same time though, the cash buyer for the first house dropped out so I put an offer in for £5k less which was accepted.

I'm not telling this to make you feel worse, but to make you feel there is hope and it will work out in the right way in the end. I was feeling despair and getting very very stressed as all the houses within 15 miles of us (and DSS's school) were selling within days so we'd been considering me driving for an hour in the morning to get DSS to school and me to work.

So, please don't lose hope. It may not happen the way you've planned, but it will happen and you'll get a lovely house. If you'd told me that two months ago I'd have thought you were nuts though....

Fingers crossed for you all.

HouseHunting Tue 18-Aug-09 22:54:14

Hi everyone
Thanks for your posts. I am sorry to hear some of you are having as sh*tty time as we are finding a family home. We have to have our sealed bids in by midday tomorrow & we know our maximum will not bag it.
Rox73 thank you for your suggestion - DH is thinking about doing that when we make our offer
NigellaTufnel it is such a stressful time isn;t it. I hope you manage to get a house you want very soon.
randomtask - this house has just come back on the market as the previous buyers have pulled out. I love this house & want it sooooo much but I just know we will not get it

rebl Wed 19-Aug-09 09:09:29

Gutted, I had everything crossed that these 2 people would have hated and left the path clear for you to get it with no more hassle. I hope that you get it. I have everything crossed for you. This house buying lark is so stressfull isn't it. As I said in a previous thread to you I hope that by the end of the week we'll both have an offer accepted on a house. You're heading in the right direction and putting in your highest offer is the right thing to do.

We're STILL no further forward on our house purchase. Our offer still stands and the EA rang yesterday just to tell me not to bother her today because they've now said Thursday or Friday at the earliest that they'll make up their minds shock.

You will get a house. I know its easy for me to say that and difficult for you to see. People keep saying it to me but I can't see how right now. We will both have a house soon I'm sure.

HouseHunting Thu 20-Aug-09 11:51:28

Thanks rebl - we are still waiting to hear which offer the Vendor has accepted & it is 24 hours since the seald bids had to be in. DH phoned the EA at 10am to be told they would chase the Vendor if they hadn't heard anything by lunchtime. I am so stressed & to top if off I got AF this morning & have awful pains so I will be an extra emotional wreck if DH rings to say we didn't get it I really hope you get your house, rebl, you so deserve to - these vendors have no respect for our feelings making us hang on for so long. You would think they would understand how stressful it is, but no.
Good luck & let me know how you get on

rebl Thu 20-Aug-09 13:32:42

Would have thought your house vendor would have had an easy decision to make. 3 pieces of paper with 3 numbers, its not rocket science wink. They're playing with peoples lives here and they just don't seem to realise that. How much sleep have you got since the weekend? I've got not much!

Got a phonecall at lunchtime from ea. They've turned our offer down sad. I asked yet again for the amount they want stating that its impossible to negoiate with people who are being so fickle and indesive. I told them to give us the price to the penny and we'll do our sums again. I then rang the mortgage person and explained the situation and she thinks the ea isn't working hard enough so is going to call them and put pressure on. You never know. I've now phoned a number of letting agencies to get on their books sad. I'm totally gutted but think that is going to be our only way forward at this point in time. There are no new properties on the market this week in the area which are suitable even for a drive by which I was shocked by but thats the situation.

HouseHunting Thu 20-Aug-09 14:03:02

Oh rebl I am so sorry to hear that, hun & am sedning you big hugs your way. We didn't get teh house either - apparently it was between 2 of us in the end as the 3rd party pulled out last night. Both of us offered the same amount but they've gone with the others as they only need (apparently) a 5% mortgage - we need 50%. Am totally gutted & DH is coming home from work as he is gutted too & he can work from home later. We are going to exchange with our buyers in Sept & go into rented so we are in the best position (chain free) but I guess being in rented wouldn't have made any difference this time


HouseHunting Thu 20-Aug-09 14:17:06

Sorry, had to go before as DS screaming his head of as I was ignorning him! It's the same here with no properties on the market -3/4 bed houses are in high demand hence get snapped up at a premium. Am so angry at our vendors for putting us through all of this stress, it is not fair on you or me & everyone else in a similar situation. I have been in tears, which is not a good thing to do in front of my 2 year old.

All the best to you & keep in touch on your search for a fmaily home - we WILL get one (trying to be positive here!!)


rebl Thu 20-Aug-09 18:33:13

Big hugs to you as well. I honestly thought that one of us would get a house by the end of the week but hey ho. I can't believe we're both going into rented when we were both in such good buying positions and the market apparently like it is according to the news. These journalists clearly don't have any experience of the current housing market imo.

The ea came back to us at 3:30 with the most rediculous figure so we walked and she put me through to their letting people. We just don't have the money at what they want. I can't grow it on trees yet wink. At 4:55 the ea called back again to say that she told them we were no longer negotiating on price if thats what they're after and its clearly scared them. They're having a family conference tonight. TBH I could give a flaming monkey if they were dancing to the house god tonight. They've messed us around too much and I'm not sure I want to buy their house any longer.

HouseHunting Thu 20-Aug-09 19:49:55

That's what we think too - the way the vendor has acted we would also be wary about buying a house from him.

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