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I'm sure I saw a thread about this before ...playrooms vs sitting rooms etc

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dontknowwheretostart Tue 18-Aug-09 11:26:51

Moved from a flat to a house after DS was born.
Lucky for us has 2 receptions: -
separate sitting room (which we naively thought would be grownups onlyhmm)
and what was a formal dining room (our dining table currently in kitchen) but is walk-through (is corridor from one room to another and also houses the stairs (weird old house) and we use as a "playroom"
But DS's stuff is getting everywhere and I actually think it would be helpful to have a few toys in each room, rather than trying to contain it all in one room and not achieving it.
We're at teh point where we looking to get proper storage built by a cabinet maker
Is it worth having a playroom or should we try and keep this 2nd reception more a blank canvas for eventual return to dining room
Any advice much appreciated

MrsBadger Tue 18-Aug-09 11:32:55

I think with your layout (I understand it perfectly, have lived in several similar) you should try and return toys to the playroom at the end of the day - after all it's only next door.
Our living room is upstairs and kitchen/diner downstairs (townhouse) so we do keep some toys in each, but if it's all on one floor I wouldn't bother.

And don't get toy-only storage built in
by all means get built in bookcases and put baskets of toys on them, but don't get single-purpose stuff, especlally when you consider that in the future you may need to accommodate things you've not yet thought of (dolls' house, extra TV + sofa etc)

ALternatively, Ikea Trofast can solve a multitude of problems.

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