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rebl Tue 18-Aug-09 08:32:27

Basically we've sold our house. Found out yesterday that our buyers aren't in any hurry, the longer they can save the better, so no pressure there. We need to have a new address for school applications by mid-Dec but after speaking to the LEA today they will accept exchange of contracts as guarentee of change of address for purposes of the application so don't actually have to have completed by mid-Dec.

We have fallen in love with a house in a beautiful village. We put in our highest possible offer keeping back enough money to do £15k essential work as soon as we move in. They turned it down. This was a good offer though and EA and vendors agree it was a good offer. Vendors then changed their minds and said that although they're not saying yes to our offer they're now not saying no. But when we asked what they would accept that was a sensible amount they couldn't answer the question. So they don't know what they want really. We could offer just shy of asking price because we have that money (they don't know that) because we're keeping it for essential work when we move it.

DH says we should just hang fire, not offer anymore and see whether they come back with accepting our current offer or ask for a bit more. But I'm getting increasingly stressed. There isn't another property on the market that we'd even consider tbh. I don't want to loose this house. I think that we've got £15k we could give them and then we'll sort out the work and how to pay for it when we're in. I think I could reduce the work costs to £7k if I could persuade DH to do a lot and if I put a condition on the offer that all asbestos is removed from the property by the vendors prior to completion (that save us £6k alone). That means we could go back with a new offer of another £8k. DH argument is that it is pointless offering anymore when they don't know what they want.

I'm struggling a lot with my impatient personality on this grin and my inability to sleep when big things are up in the air. I also LOVE the house. Its perfect (apart from the fact that part of the roof is falling in and there is asbestos!!!). It ticks every single box for us, no compromises.

rebl Tue 18-Aug-09 08:36:03

Meant to say yesterday spoke to LEA!! Very little sleep last night cos of worrying about it. I seriously see us having no house to live in at this rate, although dh seems to not be bothered and just keeps saying that we can camp and he'll have a shower at work. That so is not going down well. It'll be freezing in the middle of winter and what about our 3 yrs olds?

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