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Yikes, just ordered our HIP and instructed the EA. Are we doing the right thing !?

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puffylovett Mon 17-Aug-09 15:00:41

DC2 due in just 4 weeks. We currently live in Staffordshire with DS 2.5, in a 2 bed semi with a totally impractical garden. We need more space. I have wanted to move for years - I dislike this house. We socialise 10 mins down the road in the cheshire town DP was born in. Prices are a bit higher there. DP has been reluctant to commit to moving but agrees we need the space and in the current market we need to get the house on market toute suite as it could languish for a while and we want DS to start school in cheshire (snobbery grin)

So - ultimately we are doing something I've wanted us to do for a long time. So why do I feel retiscent ? Have we made the right decision ? Are we taking to much on with a DC2 due anyday ? Yikes ! Why am I questioning myself now hmm. Or is it all just a bit overwhelming while trying to prepare for a new baby...

somewhathorrified Mon 17-Aug-09 15:14:08

In the current market it's unlikely you're going to get a quick sale anyway, so I wouldn't worry too much about it. The only prob is viewings (the clean house syndrome) and don't forget you don't need to be IN the house while veiwings are happening.

puffylovett Mon 17-Aug-09 18:33:28

ah yes, the clean house thang - that's the one area I can see going a bit to pot in a few weeks.

That and having the estate agent show someone round right in the middle of my home birth grin

somewhathorrified Tue 18-Aug-09 10:24:35

Haha, at least you'll be showing them something different!

DebiTheScot Tue 18-Aug-09 14:40:24

We've just done the same and although I really want to move it is still all a bit scary!

I think it's probably easier to move with a tiny baby than one that can move! I'm not looking forward to packing, cleaning and moving with a 1 yr old (and a 3yr old) getting in the way.

As your EA if they'll do an open house. Then you don't have to keep it clean for long and you don't have to be panning to be out the house constantly at short notice.

puffylovett Tue 18-Aug-09 18:01:06

Ooh what a great idea, Debithescot. I never thought of that. I had assumed I'd be doing a lot of the viewings (she says, hopefully !!) myself.

Did I see you starting a thread on a dooer upper ? Or am I going mad. I'm considering the same thing myself, if you did..... do you have an offer in on your place yourself yet ?

DebiTheScot Tue 18-Aug-09 20:41:35

No that wasn't me. I started one asking for hints and tips about moving as we haven't sold before. And I started one about feeling pleased with myself about the commission rate I got but noone has replied sad

Our HIP is being done on Thurs so technically it can't go on the market before that's all sorted but they asked if they can show people round before then and we've said yes.

puffylovett Wed 19-Aug-09 10:28:38

Thats good, sounds like your estate agents are on the ball. Our HIP was done yesterday, the guy was here for about 20 mins and it's not come out very good - but then we didn't expect it to as we have no insulation and I HATE energy saving bulbs.
Hope yours goes off without any problems.
I've spent the last few days painting and freshening up, getting ready for photos on friday !

somewhathorrified Thu 20-Aug-09 14:05:29

I really wouldn't go with the open house strategy. They are great in a fast market, the current situation means that you are going to need to be very flexible with any buyers that show the slightest interest in your property. You can't afford to lose even 1 potential buyer and an open house is very intimidating for many people.

puffylovett Thu 20-Aug-09 18:28:22

I guess the next best thing then would be to ensure our estate agents will escort viewings and give me as much notice as possible, so I can escape with noisy baby / dog / toddler.

DebiTheScot Thu 20-Aug-09 19:51:45

How popular do you think your house will be? Things are picking up again. 1 that might have been on our list of possibles was sold for full asking price at an open house at the weekend.

We've had 1 viewing already and have another booked in for Saturday. It's getting quite exciting.

Egg Fri 21-Aug-09 13:52:19

We are also just putting our house on the market today and it is my first time so am a real novice, but presumed that the EA does the viewings and you just answer any questions if the viewer has any, if you happen to be in.

I would be a bit nervous of viewings with a newborn baby, but at the same time gives the perfect excuse as to why the house is not spotless! We don't live in ours (we let it out and rent somewhere else), but our tenants have a baby and the EA has hinted that the house is not looking fabulous at the moment! Lord knows how bad the pics they took yesterday are going to look.

Good luck with the house sale and the baby!

puffylovett Fri 21-Aug-09 16:33:34

Not sure if I've selected the right agents. They've only taken photos of the downstairs, outside and views, no bedroom or bathroom (well bathroom needs replacing ! But we've reflected that)... They're also saying that we should market it at 144k. 3 doors down is slightly bigger than ours with better parking and bigger back garden, just gone on at 149950... I think 144 is too high. Ultimately we want to sell - I'm not interested in 'trying' the market - so think I will make that clear when I send my HIP across !

Also they don't do viewings, they're too busy apparently hmm. they liaise with us re suitable times. the other thing the chap menbtioned today is that they usually expect about 2 viewings per month shock and we should reduce the price in 8 mths if not sold ! Am shocked = we are in a semi rural area where properties have been languishing on the market for ages, but even so = things have just started to move again and 3 have sold in the last month. I came from London, where 2 viewings per week was more expected !!! I don't want my property languishing on the market for 8 months, I want to get gone (and more importantly start house shopping grin

puffylovett Fri 21-Aug-09 16:35:06

Egg - could you arrange to go over there and spring clean the house for photo opportunities ? Or is that too much of an imposition on your tenants

Egg Fri 21-Aug-09 16:50:21

Puffy I am shock at your EA attitude! They don't do viewings? Isn't that their job (sorry if I am a bit ignorant on all this).

I don't think our place is necessarily dirty, just a bit cluttered (the house we live in is worse, I know it is hideous decluttering with small kids), but as it is not their house, I don't think the tenants care too much!

Please note, they did say they were not renewing, we are not booting them out!

puffylovett Fri 21-Aug-09 17:04:57

I know, I am a bit shock too. I mentioned that when the baby comes I would prefer if they would do viewings and I would decamp = they suggested I take a break for a few weeks and not have any viewings hmm

actually the more I think about it, the more angry I am and the more I think I've gone with the wrong agents. How do I get out of it !! Grr

Debi - have you started viewing houses already ? I am reluctant to until we start to get feedback from viewings. I've already fallen in love with one place that we're not in a positon to buy !

puffylovett Fri 21-Aug-09 17:06:52

Egg - hopefully your buyers will see past the clutter. It's a nightmare when you've toys everywhere - poor DS has had most of his relegated to his bedroom so we can present an adult living room smile

DebiTheScot Fri 21-Aug-09 20:04:36

puffy when did you sign with your EA? I'm sure that if it was less than a week ago or maybe even 2 you can cancel the contract and go with someone else.

Also I was told by 2 EAs that I didn't go with that you shouldn't sign up with 1 for more than 8 weeks as they can lose interest in your property if it's not selling. Obviously they were saying that with a view to getting me on their bokos in 8 weeks time but it does sound like good advice. Although you would have the hassle of getting photos, floor plans etc done again (unless you got them done with your HIP)

We have started looking online but not actually viewed any yet. I've also seen one that I really like the look of but am too scared to go and view it in case I fall in love.

puffylovett Fri 21-Aug-09 21:02:46

I haven't actually signed anything as yet, they've only been out to do photos today. Have chatted to my other half and he reckons go with it for the time being = we can always get more aggressive if needs be. We obviously need as much out of this property as we can get. The ea are the most popular in this area.

That is good advice though Debi. My problem I think is that I moved north from London - so the london market is much more agressive than up here. It's much more laid back up this way. I was lucky to get an offer on my london house within 6 weeks, but I had to really push the EA and would've changed if there had been no movment.

However I did clock a couple mooching around the area earlier looking at the house down the road and having a really good look around the road. I was very tempted to drag invite them in for a coffee grin

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