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Dilemma about moving- please help!

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Thandeka Fri 14-Aug-09 19:46:34

Lease up on our two bedroom flat (lots of stairs) in November (we are North London close to my work- hour from DH's work). First baby due in Feb. Flat not really suitable for a baby (or a clumsy pregnant woman either- our living room is in the attic- a fall down those stairs would probably lead to fall to ground floor (2 flights!). No garden either, location okay but not amazing.

So we have a few options we are playing with and need help!

a) Move into central london and rent a house/ground floor 2 bedroom flat (have to find extra £400 a month and potentially less space than we have now but possibly about same space and a garden). However DH would have much less commute and would be happier (and my commute is irrelevant as now down to one fixed day a week and 2 flexible days (which i can work from home on if I want) so would be nice for DH who loves London and being able to get out and about but personally I don't - I would leave tommorrow if I could (can't because of DH's work) so not sure I want to be in the city. We would probably do this in november when our lease is up. We could maybe go to an area I like but typically all the ones I like are at top end of our budget!

b) Move to walthamstow and rent a house in an area we would like to buy in but won't ever because of flood risk (but love the area!) also spend time getting to know the area and buy a house in walthamstow in an area we like. (again probably move november)

c) Buy a house in walthamstow but will be a bit of a rush and stress to get done before the baby is born and also complicated in terms of extending our rental agreement etc etc. But would also mean finally we have a foot on property ladder and won't move again for a while (options a and b mean another move in a year or so when we buy- hate moving!)

Oh and to complicate matters options a,b and c mostly take me away from the lovely hospital I want to give birth in which scares me a bit as hospitals near walthamstow don't get such rave reviews as the whittington (read downright terrifying reviews!) Maternity care in london being a scary thing anyway! I suppose potentially option a could be a move nearer the hospital but seems a very silly reason to move.

And then there is the dilemma about when to move? November when lease is up? (never able to buy a house in that time) or March/april while the baby is small?

cor sorry for long post. I hate dilemmas- any advice!?

Umlellala Fri 14-Aug-09 20:04:53

Rent for a bit, see what it's like.
Homerton is near, you know how much I rate Homerton (though no idea what Whipps Cross is like. I do take those articles with a pinch of salt personally).

Thandeka Fri 14-Aug-09 20:10:01

Yay for Umlellala What scares me is you are literally only person I know who raves about homerton (lots of dissing it and I had bad gyny experiences there) whereas I know loads who rave about whittington. Wonder if you could still go to whittington from walthamstow? nah is prob too far.

Umlellala Fri 14-Aug-09 20:16:37

Aha, but I have been there for two babies - one lots of intervention, one none and both were fab. Also A&E and several other departments, all fantastic. Seriously.

BUT in all honesty, rent near the Whittington. Then think about buying when you have passed the crazy lovely first year of your lovely firstborn.

specialmagiclady Sun 16-Aug-09 10:48:28

Sorry to contradict but I think moving to area you're planning to be in long term is best before baby is born. I miss the lovely friends we made in area DS1 was born in. That first year of parenthood is such a bombshell, the people you share it with are special.

Thandeka Sun 16-Aug-09 11:05:00

Sadly that defo isnt an option (Cambridge) as DH has to pass next set of exams and probably do another year or two with his firm in central london. He really doesnt want a long commute from camb to london while baby is small so would mean finding a job in camb trouble is his profession is incredibly specialised and is pretty much only in London with one company in cambridge and another in bristol. Bah!

We would be staying in North London somwhere and we do have friends dotted about so not too worried but would like more of a network as we are first of our joint friends with kids.

Think have decided to move before the baby is born but that is as far as we have got.


specialmagiclady Sun 16-Aug-09 11:22:07

Oh sorry, I mean medium term, then, in your case.

Thandeka Sun 16-Aug-09 11:41:58

I guess medium term is walthamstow. Hmmm so back to b or c......

watch this space!

HerHonesty Sun 16-Aug-09 19:53:36

b - start putting down roots in a place you want to live. if you go down a) route you will make lots of friends and baby will make friends with people you will have to leave!!

also you can stay at the hospital if you are prepared to drive to it!

Thandeka Sun 16-Aug-09 20:09:28

Oooh that is a very good point herhonesty- hadnt really thought of that.

Viewing at least 5 houses for sale tommorrow (if not more) and we shall see from there. Also looking at rental in the area- will just see what happens....

goldenpeach Mon 17-Aug-09 23:13:10

Lived in Walthamstow and gave birth at Whipps Cross, not bad for a hospital! It has a good reputation for certain treatments too. Walthamstow prices have crashed, luckily we sold on time, but you might get a bargain. Good branch of nct too and you can buy away from flood area, it's nicer closer to Walthamstow Central rather than Tottenham/Blackhorse Road where there is the flood problem.

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