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Anyone in/know Woodstock (Oxfordshire)?

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incredibles Thu 13-Aug-09 19:13:46

We are thinking about Woodstock as a possible place to live, and are wondering what it's like to live there, what are the schools like (we have 2 dc aged 6 and 3), is it friendly? Dp and I will both be commuting into Oxford/Headington. At the moment we live in a smaller village (renting and looking to move as our lease will be up fairly soon) and are looking for somewhere with perhaps a bit more going on.

Would be great to hear from anyone there or who has lived there in the past? Thanks!

GrapefruitMoon Fri 14-Aug-09 09:19:11

Have only visited it - it is very pretty but can't remember that there was much to it in terms of shops, etc. There is a big supermarket (Tesco?) a short drive away.

I would think it can get very busy at times with tourist traffic due to Blenheim Palace.

incredibles Fri 14-Aug-09 16:02:18

Thanks Grapefruit, I've also only been for a couple of daytrips there. I agree, it is quite small, but there are more shops and probably more things going on there than where we are at the moment. Another possible option is Oxford itself. We're both from big cities originally, but are getting used to a bit of a quieter life these days after spending nearly a year in a village.

Anyone else have any info/thoughts? thanks.

GrapefruitMoon Sat 15-Aug-09 16:03:45

Personally I would go for Oxford but I like small cities.... tbh I would think about secondary school aspect now too (unless you think you won't be there long enough). Around where I am villagers have terrible troubles getting their dcs into good state secondaries as it is all based on distance....

incredibles Sat 15-Aug-09 18:08:47

Yes, we're hoping to move somewhere and stay put for a good while (looking to buy but there's not that much coming onto the market so might end up renting for a bit more). So I've been thinking about secondary schools, I think the one at Woodstock seems to have a good reputation, and then in Oxford the Cherwell or Matthew Arnold. Just got to try and work out where would be nice to live (plus affordable!).

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