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scottish borders

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jetcat32 Thu 13-Aug-09 11:55:40


have been thinking for a long time of moving to the borders, am in north east england at the moment and always stop off there when passing. It always looks so beautiful, and after many years of childhood holidays there, am seriously considering it.

Obviously i am aware i am probably looking through rose coloured glasses, so can anyone fill me in on what it is like to live there - eg. nice areas (will prob be renting), schools - primary and secondary, as well as colleges etc. Am a little concerned that there wont be enough for kids to do - youth clubs etc as it all looks so rural!

nicknameidlike Thu 13-Aug-09 17:52:16

Peebles is a nice little town dont know about the schools it is quite an affluent place so there will be lots going on and there is a bus service to Edinburgh etc i think there is soon to be a train service too

Saltire Thu 13-Aug-09 17:58:23

Train, AFAIK won't be going to Peebles, it is supposed to be going to Galashielshmm.
I personally - from my experience of the Borders would go for Kelso,Jedburgh,Melrose or Peebles. At a pinch Hawick, however, there isn't a lot of jobs in Hawick, a lot fo the mills have shut, but then that's pretty much the same right across the South of scotland.
Galashiels is a lot bigger, with - wait for it a 24 hour Tesco and a 24 hour Asda and an M&S. However, I wouldn't live there for the simple fact the Ils dogrin

jetcat32 Thu 13-Aug-09 18:49:36

thanks guys. Was thinking of Jedburgh and Melrose initially, but maybe think the convience of a bigger town like Galashiels would be the way to go. W

Guess i will have to keep looking into itsmile

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