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NHSBC claim validated - Alternative accommodation?

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angel1976 Wed 12-Aug-09 15:29:24

Hi all,

Bought a split-level type two-bedroom house in Dec 2006. Has slight damp/mould issues in 2nd bedroom since but never serious. The room is mostly basement except for a window well. We are in the middle of a row of 3 houses. In the last year or so, we have discovered that the houses on either side of us having SERIOUS damp/mould issues. The NHSBC has gotten involved (these houses were built in 2002 I believe...) and today, the surveyor has been round to our place and actually validated our claim! It's a bit of a shock as we put in the claim last year, an independent surveyor came out and said it was condensation and closed the claim. Since then, the house to our left was bought at auction (after being empty for a good 18 months) by a lovely couple. The lady persuaded us to re-open our claim as she believed the issue is more serious than just condensation and we also found out that the house to our right has had similar issues and that it was obvious there is a big problem.

We also have had a bit of mould in the storeroom under the stairs but nothing serious. Both houses on either side have mould all throughout the basement room, the store room and even going up the stairs! shock Part of the reason it seems we have not been that badly affected is because we are 'buffered' by the houses on either side.

We managed to get the same surveyor that came out to the house next door to ours to come to ours and basically he said he is validating the claim as the guy who bought next door has take out all the plasterboard etc and they discovered that they have put in the damp-proofing 'tray' (I think that's what it's called!) the wrong way when building the houses and so instead of drawing water away from the house, it's drawing the water back in, hence the walls being soaked and wet especially during summer.

On one hand, I am so pleased they are going to fix this for us as it would have cost us thousands to try and fix it without knowing the cause (and now we do!). On the other hand, I am so worried about the disruptions. My DS (18 months old) is sleeping in that room, we have DC2 due in early November. The surveyor is saying that the contractors they use are really busy and can take up to 80 days to sort out a date to do the work.

I've been told that we should be eligible to be asked to be rehoused during the period of work (there is no way we are going to have us, DS and new baby in the one bedroom upstairs and with major building works happening downstairs all the dust etc around as well! This is a small two-bedroom house we are talking about!). Anyone ever had this happen and what is the procedure? Please advise! I am starting to panic a little at the thought of having a new baby and having DS1 being really unsettled by moving somewhere temporarily as well... But we so need this work to be done! Help! If the work is only a few weeks, we could move in with my in-laws but will we be eligible for compensation then?

Thanks! sad


angel1976 Wed 12-Aug-09 15:37:22

Sorry, I meant NHBC.

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